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Heepsy Discount | Coupon on Tool for Finding Influencers Worldwide

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Get purchase of any Heepsy pricing plan with our link and claim for 20% cashback. This is to be provided in PayPal and applicable for any plan: Starter, Plus and Pro.

Heepsy Discount

Have fantastic Heepsy discount on the mentioned plans. Kindly check out the Heepsy image for the discount offer.

Heepsy generates all the matchmaking for finding the perfect and suitable influencer for users’ brand to succeed on a high note. Heepsy was found and formed in 2021 with a goal to deliver search tool to find best influencers for marketing. The best way to reach out to audiences is finding rightful influencers instead of building fan bases from the ground up. However, it’s quite challenging to contact public figures who’re suitable for the role and has the right qualifications.

Review of Heepsy

To remove these hindrances, Heepsy have built a system. The system provides insightful metrics on influential content creators for users’ business. This application has free version access for everyone where everybody can search for influencers with their bio information. Get the influencer finding tool at a cheaper price with our discount. Grab the Heepsy coupon easily by following the aforementioned image steps.

All Categories and Locations

Heepsy’s filtration system enables any locations to be selected, and this involves the country, state and county or city. After the location there’s category selection where users can include multiple similar categories, for example: Fitness and CrossFit. The results from search allows each influencer’s metrics, their cost and collaboration charge to be viewed.

Visiting each influencer’s profile will display additional detailed information like the growth rate, follower graph, average views etc. Users can then list out potential candidates based on their followers and interactivity rate, before contacting them for further confirmation. Organizing the list is easy as unwanted influencers can be removed. Most popular and effective ones are immediately contactable.

All Campaign Possibilities

Heepsy covers all possible campaign that generates high revenue. Those campaigns are popular among current marketers and business personnel. Travelling business requires travelers to view all the travel related offers and promotions. Hence, travelling vloggers are instantly searchable. Similarly when there’s events and convocations to be held, successful influencing host are ready for contact through the application.


This same pattern of search-and-find is applicable for opening bars or restaurant, promoting a brand or its items, and marketing. With introducing well-known online figures, the level of hype and popularity for promotions and events are increased rapidly. This contributes to setting up a trend that many loyal followers will willfully follow and benefit users’ business.

Heepsy Discount and Price Plans

As stated earlier, regular users can access Heepsy without payment. But, there’s dedicated plans and services available too. Starter plan is $29 without the discount code that’ll have functions. They are: category filter, location and metrics selector along with services from Free plan. Plus plan will include Starter plan’s function with additional smart list, cost estimator, and channel filter for $49. Finally, Pro plan is $99 which’ll allow influential personnel’s list to be exported with access to social-media accounts and contacts.

Therefore, start finding influencers today by purchasing Heepsy with our coupon. Grab the Heepsy discount in 2021.

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