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GEO my WP Pricing | Avail Review for the WordPress Solution

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Get exclusive GEO my WP review and pricing served here. Avail the WordPress solution and enjoy all the exciting features offered.

In these modern days, the presence of the online system has enabled a lot of support to maintain all the needed terms. The effective supports of the online system can’t be observed without the touch of the web industry. In the case of web section, WordPress is considered as one of the flexible one as it offers all the simple functions to develop any site in a quick process. For the location based form building case, the users can rely on GEO my WP.

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GEO my WP Review

This affords the simple manner to build up the forms which can simply search and find the needed posts types or the BuddyPress members. All these activities are performed by depending on the address based or the radius based.

Main Functions Offered

GEO my WP ensures the way to offer the advanced level form building option by which the users can simply create the proximity searching forms for the needed pages, post types, post or the BuddyPress members. All these activities are performed for the unlimited facilities. Through this, the users can easily add the geographic location to the restaurants, events, real estate section, and directory section and in other posts. By depending on this, the visitors can search for the needed post by applying the address system. After that, by depending on this, the BuddyPress members can simply add the corresponding location in the specific profile. This searching process is very helpful to detect the available members under the specific region.

Geo my WP review

The Available Features

Archives form builder: One of the best features of this plugin is the form building process. This offers the way to manage the unlimited form building process for the advanced level posts and the BuddyPress members. Besides, the location based form building system can be managed through this. By using this, any user can simply search for the specific post, page or the BuddyPress members.

GeoLocate Members: By using GEO my WP, you can maintain the term of geolocating members. Though the helpful support of this, you can allow the needed member under the corresponding site to add the location in the profile section. Through this term, the needed address, distance and the profile field can be added in a flexible way.

GeoLocate Posts: To GeoLocate the posts, this tool is very supportive. By using this tool, any user can simply add the location to the corresponding page or the posts. These locations will be saved in the database section. From this database section, the users will be able to search for the location based address system with the distance condition. Besides, this tool is a supportive one almost for all the themes developed for WordPress section.

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