Funnel Messenger Coupon: Enjoy Cool Discount and Review screenshot

Funnel Messenger Coupon: Enjoy Cool Discount and Review

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25% Cashback on Funnel Messenger

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Buy Funnel Messenger with 25% cashback discount provided, as per below FM image.

Funnel Messenger Coupon

Have excellent cash back as Funnel Messenger coupon. Kindly see the FM image.

Instead of dealing with some email marketing campaigns, you can execute a marketing campaign on Facebook. It is possible to send some FB messages to each of the visitors of a website. Funnel Messenger is a Facebook approved solution for this task.

A Small Review of Funnel Messenger

Normally, what we do in an email marketing campaign? We collect the email address of every visitor of a website. Then this address is added to a list. Then, it is possible to send some promotional emails to this address. An alarming thing about this type of marketing is the email opening rate is very low in most of the cases. For this reason, there is a big probability that this type of marketing may fail. Funnel Messenger arises with a solution of this problem. It will let you send FB messages to every visitor.

The FB message opening rate is comparatively high. That is why you can easily run some successful campaigns. Avail the cool functionalities of FM with our discount coupon. Simply follow the FM image steps to get the Funnel Messenger discount. Some major features of this software are:

Funnel Messenger

Generate Unlimited Lists

This software has no restriction on the number of messenger subscribers. That means, you can as many subscribers as you want to a campaign. It is possible to send them any kind of messages to them. For example, you can send some texts, images, and small videos. Similarly, some links can also be sent with these messages. Suppose you want to get a big number of visitors to an eCom site or blog. Funnel Messenger will help to send the desired URL in a message. When the subscribers will click on this URL, they will be driven to the desired site.


Add Useful Check Box

Funnel Messenger will help to add some attractive check box on a web page. This check box can be placed anywhere on that site. Each of these boxes will show a very high conversion rate. It can be mandatory for a visitor to insert his email address to this check box. By doing so, they will be able to get some amazing apps and other things. After getting this email address, Funnel Messenger will find out the related FB ids and add these to a subscriber list. This software can be used to send instant messages to all these subscribers at a time.

Funnel Messenger Coupon and Affordable Pricing

There are two different licenses of Funnel Messenger. The Standard License of this product is capable of working with 250 Messenger Campaigns. This license will allow you to send maximum 100k messages in a month. As per this post creating time, the price of this license is only $17 per month. Compared to this license, the Agency License of Funnel Messenger is more attractive. To enjoy this one, you have to pay only $27 per month excluding the coupon. This one will allow you to run unlimited number of Messenger campaigns. And, unlimited messages can also be sent in a month. A premium support facility is added to this license too.

Hence, please use our discount to get the amazing tool to get more subscribers. We believe, the Funnel Messenger coupon will impress you.

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