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Freshteam Discount: Get Coupon on Applicant Tracking System

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10% Cashback on Monthly or Yearly

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Buy any monthly or yearly plan of Freshteam with our link and avail 10% cashback discount, as per below image.

Freshteam Discount

Enjoy splendid Freshteam discount for any of its plans. Please have a look at the FT image for discount.

Any recruiting process may deal with a big number of candidates. Among all these candidates, you have to find out the best hires. In doing so, an applicant tracking software is very much effective. Freshteam is a top quality applicant tracking software. It is a very impressive product of the Freshworks Company.

Freshteam Review at a Glance

There are several steps in a recruiting process. You have to collect some important data regarding every candidate. Then these candidates should be engaged in the process nicely. Then, you have to collaborate with your team. A suitable candidate database should also be created. And finally, some top candidates should be hired. All these tasks can be done very easily by the Freshteam. This applicant tracking software is already used by a big number of companies. That is why, it can be considered as a reliable one. Get the reliable FT with our discount. The Freshteam coupon is going to get you the system at a more affordable price. The main features and facilities of this solution are as follows:

Job Posting & Sourcing

Freshteam starts its operation from the beginning of a recruiting process. First of all, it will let you find out the open positions in your organization. It provides some very impressive templates. These templates should be used for describing every job listing. You are allowed to use your own words in these templates. Then, this posting should be done on various platforms. This software also helps to form a hiring team. Freshteam is capable of generating various types of career sites for sourcing the candidates. It can sync your career mailbox with the entire recruiting system. That is why, it will be very easy check every email sent by the candidates. It has an employee referral system too.


Freshteam Discount and Affordable Pricing

Like all the other products of Freshworks, Freshteam also has different licenses. Its Blossom License is available for only 50 USD/month in a yearly billing system. It is capable of dealing with maximum 250 employees. Only 10 job postings can be published by it. That is why, it is suitable for a small team. The Garden Plan is available for only 100 USD/month as per 25 May 2018. It supports unlimited postings. On the other hand, Freshteam Estate can be enjoyed by paying only 200 USD per month without the discount code. It supports IP whitelisting and custom user roles. It is strongly suggested for any large team.

Manage Candidates

By using this software, it is possible to collect and analyze the resumes of each and every candidate. Sometimes, it can be necessary to make some email conversation with every applicant. This software will help you to do so with ease. Similarly, it can send some necessary notifications to each applicant. After getting a list of quality applicants, you have to conduct some interviews. Freshteam is very much helpful for creating a schedule of these interviews. And then, some assessment tests can also be offered by it to find out the best candidates.

So, avail application tracking system at a better price with our coupon. The Freshteam discount is going to you save you some good money on the system.

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