FreshMail Discount: Get Cool Coupon on the Pricing 2019 screenshot

FreshMail Discount: Get Cool Coupon on the Pricing 2019

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15% Cashback on the Purchase

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Spend any amount from FreshMail with ‘Click to Redeem’ and get 15% cashback discount. Please see FreshMail image below.


Enjoy cool FreshMail discount. Applies for Unlimited, Pay as you go and any other license as per the above coupon image.

Email marketing is one of the finest online marketing ways right now. A huge number of marketers are following this method. To complete any emailing campaign successfully, you can use a professional tool. My recommendation is to use FreshMail for this task.

Features and Review of FreshMail

Many companies have offered different kinds of email marketing software. But the thing is, some of these tools are of a very good quality. And even some of these tools may harm any campaign. That is why, you have to be more careful before choosing any one. FreshMail comes with some advanced features and facilities. It is considered as a reliable tool by many marketers. Get the reliable FM with our discount. The FreshMail coupon will let you purchase the software at a cheaper price.

FreshMail Discount

So, let’s take a look at its powerful features and benefits:

Useful Template Editor

For generating some emails and newsletters very quickly, FreshMail has an intuitive template editor. It will let you generate the emails and newsletter without any kind of coding. You will be allowed to import some templates as per necessity. After being customized, any template can be saved or exported. Sometimes, it can be necessary to create any newsletter in HTML. This task can be done easily with FreshMail. This software actually provides different kinds of templates. Most of these items are very much useful for sending some business messages.

Offers Almost Anything

For running some emailing campaigns, various tools can be necessary, FreshMail comes with almost all these important items. It can be integrated with any popular autoresponder. It is not easily possible to make every campaign equally successful. This software provides a powerful A/B testing tool. This tool will help you to understand which campaign can perform well. This solution will automatically be optimized once in a week. That means, its performance will be up to the mark. It is capable of sending bulk text messages as well as transactional emails. FreshMail has an advanced scheduling feature. Hence, your messages will be sent in time.

FreshMail Pricing and Discount

Two types of pricing systems are available for this software. Unlimited Plans will let you send as many emails as needed. But the price of these plans will vary with the number of subscribers. For 500 subscribers, there is no need to pay any fee. But after that, if there are maximum 1000 subscribers, then it will cost you $14 per month excluding the discount. Up to 2500 subscribers, the monthly price of FreshMail is only $23 per month. Similarly, you can purchase this for maximum 100 thousand subscribers. In that case, 405 USD should be paid in a month. Some Pay-as-You-Go plans are also available for this product. For 5000 emails, it will charge you 30 USD only. And you can purchase this for maximum 1 million emails. That means, both these types of pricing policies are very much flexible.

Therefore, please get the coupon on the email marketing as well as newsletter software. The FreshMail discount is expected to be a good deal.

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