Freshchat Discount 2019 | Excellent Coupon on Live Chat Software screenshot

Freshchat Discount 2019 | Excellent Coupon on Live Chat Software

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10% Cashback on any Package

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Buy any Freshchat monthly or yearly plan (Blossom, Garden or Estate plan) and avail our 10% cashback, as per below Freshchat discount image.

Freshchat Discount

Get amazing Freshchat discount for its multiple plans. Please see this discount in FC image.

A live chat software can increase the profitability of any online store and other types of websites. It can grab more leads in a quick time. If you are looking for an efficient live chat software, then Freshchat is strongly recommended. It is a popular product of the Freshworks Company.

Freshchat Review and Features

Suppose, you have a website for your service based or production based organization. A big number of potential customers and clients may visit the website of that organization. A big portion of these visitors may not understand several things and leave without giving you anything. But, it is possible to bring them back instantly and convert them into the leads. Freshchat can help you to do it. It is a reliable live chat software, which can attract more visitors. It allows them to ask anything about your company, products, and services. And, they will get their desired results. If the FC review impressed you, then please purchase with our discount. The Freshchat coupon will be useful.


Creates Message Channels

Normally, a chat team is divided into different groups. One group may try to grab the customer feedbacks. Another group may deal with the refund related issues. Similarly, some other groups can be there. Freshchat is capable of dividing all the chat sessions into different channels depending on these issues. Each team will be assigned to one or more channels. Some conversations can be very much important. This software offers an advanced filter to differentiate some conversations which require a priority support.

Auto-Routing Capability

Freshchat is capable of automatically assigning a conversation with a specific group. Similarly, it helps to create different groups. There can be a big number of common queries. This software is able to detect these queries. And then, some automated answers will be sent to the customers. Freshchat has an ability to deal with different languages. It can run any kind of in-app campaigns. It can open the chat box depending on different conditions. For example, a chat box can automatically be opened when a visitor attempts to leave your website.

Freshchat Pricing Plans

Sprout is the Free Plan of Freshchat. This free license can be used by maximum 10 active team members. Here, an active team member is a member who deals with at least 5 chat sessions and sends minimum 20 messages. This license will deal with maximum 10 thousand unique visitors in a month. In the case of an entry level company, you have to target around 200 thousand monthly unique visitors. In that case, the Blossom Plan is suitable. It will cost $15 per user in a month. Freshchat Garden is for the sales and support needs. It has an in-app campaign running facility. As per 24 May 2018, the monthly cost of this solution is $24 per user excluding the discount. Similarly, you can access this software for a larger team.

Therefore, please get the live chat software with our coupon in 2021. If you have any question about the Freshchat discount, please email us.

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