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Formilla Discount, Grab Fascinating Coupon and Pricing

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Live Chat Software Formilla Review

It is easy to understand the necessity of the live chat solutions for any website. Each of the websites is the mirror of respective business or other organizations. Lots of visitors may come every day to know about the company products and services. So if there is chatting option, they will feel more satisfied. They can easily communicate with the agents and then they will get their answers. So the conversion rate from the potential customers to real ones can be increased. On the other hand, you can engage more visitors on your site. Start getting visitors today by purchasing Formilla with our discount coupon.

The Formilla coupon will come in handy. Now the thing is, various types of solutions are there which can provide the necessary chatting facility. Among all of those, you can choose the Formilla for the following reasons:

Customizable Chat Widgets

You must make your website attractive. That is why the chat widgets you will use must be colorful and eye catching. Formilla will let you customize the chat widgets very easily. The colors of the texts and chat buttons can be changed very easily. Similarly the live chat images can also be changed. Customizable header and footer facilities have made this software more amazing. You can select the color of the background of chat bar very easily. Just like the other powerful solutions, Formilla has very impressive visitor monitoring system. It will show you the visitor information in real-time.


Pricing and Discount of Formilla

According to the number of agents, you have to choose the right license of Formilla. Premium Solo can be chosen if you think one chat agent is enough. You can purchase this as a monthly or yearly basis. In case of the monthly subscription, it requires USD 11.99/month. But for a yearly subscription, this cost will be reduced. As of 13 November 2015, the cost for this plan will be USD 8/month. In some cases, one chat agent may not be enough for your websites.

The Premium Plan of Formilla can be used for that. It supports 3 chat agents. The monthly cost for this is USD 24.99 only without the discount code. The Yearly Plan customers will just have to spend 19.91 per month. The main advantage of this of the Premium Plan is it is flexible. You can add more agents by paying USD 9.99 for each.

Simultaneous Chatting Facility

Formilla provides some advanced features and the simultaneous chatting is one of those. For this feature, each of the operators or agents will be allowed to engage with multiple customers at a time. No matter you get which plan of this product, the unlimited simultaneous chatting will be included in that. Another advantage of this product is, it supports various devices. You can chat with customers via web interface or mobile devices like iPhones and Androids. Formilla supports various languages such as English, French, and Chinese etc. So you can communicate with customers of several areas of the world.

So, please get this Live Chat Software with our coupon. Please do not hesitate to email us in case of any question regarding the Formilla discount.

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