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Format Discount: Avail Coupon to Create Online Portfolio

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20% Cashback on Format

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Enjoy Format discount as 20% cash back. This 20% is provided for any plan: Enthusiast, Pro or Unlimited plan. Kindly check the discount on Format image. discount

Instead of generating ordinary online stores, it is better to create a portfolio like stores. Such a website is capable of showing every product in an attractive way. That type of website can easily be created by Format. This solution is able to create almost all kinds of online stores.

Review and Features of Format

We know about various types of website building tools. Only a few of these solutions are capable of generating full-featured online stores. And, we can rarely find a platform that allows to create eCommerce stores in a portfolio look. By considering all these facts, you are requested to rely on Format. This amazing platform is helpful for generating online shops with a portfolio look. At the same time, it will also add all the features that are necessary for such a website. Lots of newbies, experienced marketers, and business owners are already using it. Get the fantastic Format features with our coupon. We hope you will enjoy the Format discount.


Themes & Layouts

People do not want to create websites manually anymore. Even, they don’t like to hire professional for this task. Rather, most of them want to apply themes to create desired website. Keeping this thing in mind, Format comes with a big number of themes. Each of these themes is responsive and beautiful. These are designed in a manner that your websites can be accessed from any browser and device without any problem. Flexible page layout is another important feature of Format. Nowadays, a big number of website owners use gallery sites to attract their visitors. This platform will allow you to do so. That is why, it will be very easy to attract visitors with lots of images. Horizontal and grid layouts are also supported by this platform. Even, you will be allowed to create full-screen web pages with it.

Full-featured Stores

Generating an online store is not a difficult task. But, adding every important feature is not that easy. This task can easily be done by Format. It is capable of creating online shops with a portfolio look. That is why, these stores will be more profitable. Each of these shops will allow to add tons of products. Adding only products is not enough to generate a bigger sale. You have to add a proper description with every item. It will allow to do so with ease. Similarly, you will be able to add attractive images with every item. Another important thing is, the product price and features can be changed anytime. Sometimes, you may need to eliminate some of those. Format provides an easy-to-use dashboard to deal with each of these operations. This tool is very helpful dashboard for adding new products and removing unavailable items.

If you have liked the review, get the Format plan with our discount coupon.

Format review

Very Easy Editor

Generally, a website builder allows to add various elements on a site. But, only experts can handle such a tool. Newbies always get confused while using these solutions. If you are a newbie, then Format is suitable. It allows to add almost every content with ease. For example, you will be able to use various types of fonts to make website contents. Nowadays, videos are converting more than ordinary contents. That is why, this solution allows to add all kinds of videos on any page of a site. After adding a content, you may need to edit that. There is no difficulty in that. Just click on that content and edit with ease. Similarly, the drag-and-drop facility of Format will allow to add various images and pages on a site.

Site Personalization

Format is suitable for personalizing a website. Custom domain names can be added to a site. Similarly, logos and brand names can also be shown very attractively. There is no need to know any coding or programming language to create web pages with this solution. But, developers will also be able to show their experiences. This platform has a built in, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS editor. For its real time editing facility, every change will be seen instantly.

Format Discount and Pricing

Three different plans are available from Each of these licenses is very attractive in terms of pricing and facilities. For example, the Enthusiast Plan can be bought by paying only USD 7.99 per month without the discount code. It allows every store to sell maximum three products. And, each of these stores will support 15 webpages and 100 images. The Pro License of this solution is more cost effective. You have to spend only USD 16.99 per month to access it. If a website is created by this solution, then that will support unlimited pages and blog posts. Maximum 20 products can be added to every website. There are big companies that require bigger websites. The Format Unlimited is suitable for them. As per this post creating time, it is available for only USD 32.99 per month. It supports unlimited images, blog posts, pages, and products.

Hence, grab the excellent discount and create online portfolio to showcase your work. We hope you will love the Format coupon.

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