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ezProxies Coupon: Get Cool Discount on Purchase in 2021

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25% Cashback on ezProxies

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Spend any amount from ezProxies and get the cool 25% cashback discount. Please see ezProxies image below for this.

Enjoy nice ezProxies coupon as per ezP image.

Proxy services are offered by many companies. If you do not want to seek resources from other websites with your identities, proxy servers can be used. This kind of services can ask for resources instead of user and then provide those to the user. ezProxies is one of those companies to provide this service.


Review and Features of ezProxies

Many proxy providing companies are out there. Some of those offers shared proxies and some focus on private service. The important thing is you cannot choose any of those without considering the quality of their services. Many unreliable sources are there too. Considering all these facts, ezProxies can be considered as one of the bests. It is the source of both private and shared proxies. As it has served so many customers all over the world, you can rely on it. Purchase the reliable ezP with our coupon. The ezProxies discount is going to be really helpful. Here are some main features of this popular proxy source:

Highly Anonymous Proxies

Some websites have some programs which can detect that the visitors are using proxy services. But ezProxies uses completely anonymous proxies for its services. If you use these, no websites will be able to understand that any proxy is used for visiting. Though the services of this source are world class, the costs of these are completely affordable. Customer support team of this source is helpful and you can communicate with that team via live chatting and phone calls.

Instant Order Processing

Just after receiving your order, the team of ezProxies will activate that instantly. You will get instant activation email with all necessary information for using proxy service. Initially proxies will be authenticated with your IP address. But after activation, you can easily change the authorized IP from the control panel. Even the usernames and passwords can also be authenticated. ezProxies has covered locations around USA and UK right now. They are spreading their locations very quickly. As a customer, you can request for any new location. They will also cover that as soon as possible.

Pricing Options and Coupon of ezP

Each Private Proxy Plan of ezProxies is very much affordable. One of those plans provides 10 different proxies and monthly cost of this one is only $20 excluding the coupon. If you get more proxies, monthly price will be more cost effective. The 25 Proxies Plan of this source is available for only $47 per month.

That means in this case, you have to pay only 1.90 USD per proxy. Similarly, by choosing the largest plan, you can enjoy a proxy for only 1.20 USD per month. Comparatively, ezProxies Shared Proxy Plans are more affordable. You need to pay only 1.30 USD per proxy in each month is 50 of those are purchased. Similarly, if 500 Shared Proxies plan is selected, per proxy cost will be only 0.65 USD per month. You are allowed to place a custom order for enjoying these services.

So, please get hold of the cool private and shared proxies with our discount. The ezProxies coupon is hopefully going to satisfy you.

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