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EntityDAC Discount: Nice Coupon on The Powerful Framework

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10% Cashback on EntityDAC

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Buy any EntityDAC license (including Standard, Professional and Professional with source code) with 10% cashback discount. To avail this EntityDAC offer, please click on ‘Click to Redeem’ and claim 10% cashback as per below image.


Have super as EntityDAC discount. Kindly see the EDAC image.

We know that the Delphi has different entity classes. And sometimes, it can be necessary to use data of one class into others. To make those data compatible, you have to use Object-Relational Mapping or ORM tool. Devart offers an efficient ORM solution named EntityDAC.

Review and Features of EntityDAC

While dealing with Delphi language, you may face several problems. It will not be easy to create relationships among various entity classes. There are only a few solutions which may help you to solve this problem. EntityDAC is one of those few tools. It is a product of the famous Devart brand. Unlike other products of the same brand, this solution also offers many important features. If the EDAC features impressed you, then purchase with our discount coupon. The EntityDAC  coupon will be helpful. Some major features and benefits are:

Very Efficient ORM

EntityDAC has come with some very impressive object relation mapping features. It supports multi object actions and all nullable types. For generating object models, you don’t have to depend on other tools. This product can generate those automatically. It can deal with the objects very efficiently to establish suitable business logic. And while doing so, this tool can hide every database access layer. Very powerful entity cache is added to this product. For this reason, EntityDAC is capable of improving the performance. Cascade saving and deleting facilities are also added to it. We know there can be mainly three types of relations. Those are one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many. This amazing tool can work with all these types of entity relations. It also supports various patterns and concepts.

Database Schema Generation

Amazing data access can be ensured by this tool. It is very helpful to use various databases without problems. Database schema generation is very important to know the construction of the database very easily. This product of Devart is capable of generating the database schema very efficiently. And for this task, object models will be considered by it. EntityDAC supports native Delphi language and LINQ language. You will be able to deal with a rich syntax very easily. And this solution will provide necessary context tips. It can work with various data access components, including MyDAC, LiteDAC, SDAC, and UniDAC etc.

EDAC Reasonable Pricing Plans and Discount

Devart is the software company which offers multiple pricing plans for each of its products. For the EntityDAC, it offers three different licenses. Express License is free of cost and it only supports a few standard data providers. Standard License is one of the paid editions of this product. As per 12 June 2017, cost of this license is only 149.95 USD without the discount code. It supports standard as well as third-party data providers. Various data aware and design time components are also supported by this one. EntityDAC Professional is the most efficient edition of this ORM solution. To purchase this one, only 249.95 USD should be paid. It supports more data contexts, data aware components, and design time components.

Hence, please have the powerful framework with the discount coupon. The EntityDAC coupon will hopefully impress you.

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