Entity Developer Coupon: Cool Discount and Review on the Purchase screenshot

Entity Developer Coupon: Cool Discount and Review on the Purchase

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10% Cashback Entity Developer

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Get any license of Entity Developer with ‘Click to Redeem’ and then claim for your 10% cashback. Please see the following Entity Developer image for this.

Entity Developer

Get nice Entity Developer coupon as per the ED discount image.

If you are looking for an efficient ORM designer for various databases, then the Entity Developer can be suggested. It is one of the successful products of the famous Devart brand. It has achieved huge popularity for its powerful code generation capability.

A Small Review of Entity Developer

Object-Relational Models are the visual models of databases. To deal with every line of code and entity, programmers use these models. Creating these models manually is a very difficult task. But there are a few tools which can generate these models very quickly and efficiently. Entity Developer is one of those very few products. Devart has made this tool very beautifully that it can deal with different types of ORMs. Get the beautiful tool with the coupon. We are expecting that the Entity Developer discount will be helpful. There are so many features of it and some of these features are:

Supports Both Approaches

For developing the entity, you may deal with either model-first approach or database-first approach. TheDevart Entity Developer will work with both of those very efficiently. For viewing data of any model, different queries can be made. LINQ query is a popular technique. Many people also love to make ESQL queries. For this reason, this product supports both these types of queries. Hence, data viewing will be very easy. Similarly, this product will let you edit the data very easily too. While editing any entity or data, the Devart Entity Developer will automatically check for errors. That is why model validation will be maintained all the times.

Easy Model Creation

The using process of Entity Developer is very easy. You have to follow only a few steps to deal with this solution. It is suitable for various types of Visual Studio projects. There are some other solutions which require Visual Studio to generate an entity model. But this product does not require the Visual Studio to be installed on your computer. This tool is capable of generating databases for existing database. The reverse engineering feature will be helpful for doing this. You will be able to set class mapping to entity SQL query. Similarly, it is also helpful for class mapping to storage entities.

ED Plans, Pricing and Coupon

Each of the Devart products has multiple pricing plans. In case of the Entity Developer, there are five different plans. Among those, four paid plans are there. LINQ to SQL version can be enjoyed by only $99.95 excluding the coupon. It has come with some predefined as well as custom templates. Visual schema modeling is another impressive feature of it. Similarly, Entity Framework License of this product is available for only $199.95 as per this post writing time. It can work with Entity Framework Core and v1 to v6. NHiberate Edition of this product is also available for 199.95 USD. It does not support Entity Framework, but supports NHibernate. Entity Developer Professional can be purchased by only 299.95 USD. This product can work with LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, and NHibernate.

Hence, please get the ORM model designer with the discount. We are hoping that you will love the Entity Developer coupon.

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