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EngageBay Discount: Fabulous Coupon on the Software

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25% Cashback on Any Plan

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Buy any Engagebay plan (including Basic, Growth, Pro and Enterprise) with our link and then claim for 25% cashback discount. Please see following Engagebay image for this offer details.

EngageBay Discount

Receive nice EngageBay discount on the purchase. Kindly have a look at the EB image for discount.

Review of EngageBay

EngageBay allows multiple marketing activities to be operated and performed from their single powerful integrated platform. Activities such as generation of leads, marketing through email, automated marketing, attractive landing pages etc. are performable through EngageBay. To experience the raw power of this application, users can run the system without having to pay in advance. Having an all-around knowledge of customers is important. So contact details page allows every lead interactions to be viewed. In this way, accurate insights of customer’s demands are always accessible. It results in better customer bond and positive sales.

For getting new subscribers to be added onto contact details there’s lead capturing forms, provided that are responsive and uniquely designed. The forms will popup strategically when visitors are browsing users’ website after a specific period of time. If you liked the EB review, then please proceed with our discount. Grab the EngageBay coupon today.


Marketing through Emails

EngageBay helps flourish users’ business to reach new successful level. It integrates the system with advanced email marketing. Large collection of beautiful and sleek designed emailing templates are available. It is customizable for different business related online messages. Visuals matters in assisting readers to decide their future commitment. Thus, every design are made visually pleasant and fresh. For customization, EngageBay’s system uses drag-drop builder for easily adding layouts. Similarly, it helps to easily remove unneeded parts. Just like that, appealing images, text forms, and social-sites’ sharing button can be dropped and installed seamlessly. Customers will have different preferences and may visit from different countries across the world. For this reason segmentation is allowed.

Landing Pages, and Emailing Functions

EngageBay’s landing pages consists of identical customization mechanics, i.e. drag-drop builder, just like email marketing. This means, various attracting elements for a landing page are installable by dropping it on the page editor. And also, the title fonts, font color and style are free to personalize along with the description of the page. Users can monitor the performance of each landing page, which includes, total views, conversion rate, contacts, and unique views. Simultaneously, email campaigns are trackable and optimizable, and it involves: tracking recipients, total clicks, unsubscribes, overall clicks and click-rate. Finally, email templates have options with rich formatting functions such as header size, separation of paragraphs, lists view and more.

EngageBay Discount and Price Plans

EngageBay plans’ price varies depending on whether users selects monthly subscriptions or yearly subscriptions. For yearly selection plan, Basic is $6.99, Growth is $23.99, EngageBay Pro is $63.99, and Enterprise is $199.99 without the discount code. And For monthly selection plan, Enterprise is $249.99, Pro is $79.99, Growth is $29.99, and Basic is $9.99.

Basic plan allows to handle two-thousand five-hundred contacts, while EngageBay Enterprise plan allows one-hundred thousand contacts. Basic plan provides storage capacity of one gigabyte, and Enterprise delivers a fifty gigabytes capacity for storage.

Therefore, get the all-in-one marketing and also sales software with our coupon. Hopefully, you are going to enjoy the EngageBay discount.

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