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Employee Monitor Review | Have Pricing for the Monitoring Software

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Check Employee Monitor review and pricing served here. Have the software to monitor the activities of employee through the manual process.

In the digital life, the use of the computer system has afforded a lot of facilities especially in the business section. In the professional sector, we can use various type of utility tools by which we can manage all the needed tasks. In the large business section, we can’t observe the activities of the employees through the manual process. Then, we can use Employee Monitor software program.

Employee Monitor Review

It is an active one by which all the activities of the users like visited websites, typed keystrokes, running applications will be previewed to the authorized controller. Besides, it also provides the screenshots to the controllers by which you can simply control all the employees of your office section. After that, to access into the PC of the employees, it provides some needed functions and conditions. Moreover, it can also block some specific sites that are not related to the official section.

Monitoring Features Offered

Employee Monitor fulfills some effective monitoring features. These are:

Websites monitoring: In this section, you will observe the website monitoring section at the beginning section. Through this, you will be able to see what sites have been visited by the employees and the timing of the visited site also. In fact; if the users removes the browsing history from the browsing section, then it can also record them in the database section.

Application: One of the best features of this program is the application monitoring. Employee Monitor helps the users to monitor the running applications with the flexible tracking process as well as the recording system. This helps the controllers to know where the employees the most time by suing any PC.

Other Monitoring functions: This active solution holds the functions of tracking all the keystrokes with the proper recording system. This tool manages the way of recording the needed activities of making the screenshots after any fixed amount of time or the defined action.

Blocking Features Offered

Website Blocking: In this category, you will find the website blocking activity with the trusted solution. The controller can simply block any specific sites that are not related to the employees. In fact; it offers the way of sending those unimportant sites into the black list.

Application Blocking: Employee Monitor holds the system of application blocking. Through this function, you can easily block the unwanted applications that are not used in your office section.

Pricing Condition by Employee Monitor

For 1-2 computers, the users need to pay $79.95/unit basis. If you want to purchase this product for 3-5 computers, then you need $49.95/unit. For 50-99 computers, $29.95/unit is needed. For the case of 100+ computers the users need to pay only $24.95/unit.

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