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Email List Verify Coupon, Get Discount on Email Verification Service

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10% Cashback on Monthly/Pay As You Go

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Get 10% cashback on any subscription/verification plan of monthly and pay as you go both. Please follow this cashback discount procedure in below Email List Verify image.

Email List Verify

For some common reasons, an email campaign cannot become a successful one. To avoid these problems, you have to verify the email list before starting any campaign. This task can be done very easily by Email List Verify. This tool is capable of improving the performance of any mailing campaign. So grab nice Email List Verify coupon for any terms and get the discount.

Review of the Email List Verify

For all kinds of email campaigns, we have to depend on some big email lists. There are so many processes of collecting these lists. Generally, people make these lists from different websites and social networks. Many people may provide fake email addresses while dealing with any registration or sales pages. And email list builder tools collect these data for the campaigns. These email addresses will result more bounce rate. To solve this problem, you are requested to use the Email List Verify. Avail the ELV functionalities with our discount coupon. The Email List Verify discount is expected to come in handy. This solution comes with some very impressive email verification features.

Email List Verify Coupon

Duplicate Removal Facility

Email List Verify is an efficient solution which can easily find out duplicate records from any list. From a collection of lists, it will find the duplicates among different lists. For this reason, you will get only the unique lists to work with. Some email addresses may have some invalid domains. These are completely unused and that is why, Email List Verify will remove these data automatically. This solution has an efficient spam-trap indicator. This built in tool can automatically remove every harmful records.

Real-time Bouncing Tool

There can be some invalid syntax in some email addresses. These wrong addresses will be removed from your list by this solution. It has a very rich complainer database. With this database, Email List Verify will match each record. If any match is found, this tool will automatically eliminate the matched record. Sometimes, it may be very difficult to validate some accounts by using all these methods. To deal with these accounts, Real-Time Bouncing tool of this product will be used. It will send an undetectable email to each of these accounts. If this email reaches to these accounts, it will indicate that these accounts are valid. Otherwise, these accounts will automatically be removed from the lists.

Attractive ELV Pricing Plans and Coupon

Different types of flexible plans are offered for the Email List Verify. Every plan of Monthly Subscription as well as Pay-as-You-Go subscription is very attractive. In this review, only the plans of Pay-as-You-Go system have been mentioned. For 1 thousand verifications, you will be charged only $4 excluding the coupon as per July 30, 2017. In case of 5 thousand email verifications, only $15 should be paid and you have to pay only 24 USD for 24 thousand verifications. Similarly, you can purchase Email List Verify for up to 10 million verifications. In this case, only 3,290 USD should be paid. Monthly subscription plans of this solution are also very attractive.

Therefore, please have the fabulous  email address verification service with our discount. Grab the Email List Verify coupon today.

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