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eM Client Pricing | Check Review of Effective Email Client

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Check eM Client review for Windows and Mac. Get pricing for the effective email client.

An efficient email client can be necessary for various types of professionals. But the fact is such software is not that easy to find out. So what you can do is to select the eM Client.

Pick the eM Client as Very Effective Email Client

eM Client is very much reliable email client and it is the first choice of many professionals. The number of users of this product is very high. Hence, you can depend on it without confusions. To pick this product this article may be helpful for you because it describes the features of it. Various pricing plans for it will also attract you to choose it.


Very Impressive Features

When you will talk about this type of products then you must speak about the user interface of these. In the case of the eM Client, the interface will impress you much. For the easiest interface, you will be able to handle this very quickly and efficiently. Though this is mainly an email client software, it can work with the calendars, tasks and contacts. More importantly, this client also offers the chat functionality. The necessary information can be stored at various locations like the Gmail or Outlook etc. This innovative tool will collect the information from those locations very easily. You may know that there are so many other email clients. The eM Client has the capability to import the data from those clients very securely.

Other Advantages and Benefits

Now it is the time of the touch friendly devices. That is why you have to choose a such product which can work with the touch devices perfectly. This product is perfect in this capability. The searching function of this email client is also very much impressed. You can get your necessary data very easily by using the search option. This tool supports all the necessary email protocols and this feature is very important. Translation facility is not available in all the clients like this. But this one offers very efficient built-in translation system. Similarly, several types of email templates have been integrated in this also. This product can work with the calendars very effectively. It will show you the calendars in different ways. You can also share those with your friends very easily. The contact merging facility is a nice advantage of eM Client. You can categorize the contacts in various ways by using this tool.

eM Client review

Friendly Pricing Plans

If you want to want to purchase this email client tool, then you can choose any of the licenses. You can get one license of one PC or for multiple PCs at the same time. The price of the Single PC license of eM Client is only $19.95. And the price of the 2 PC license is $29.95 as of 26 December 2014. Similarly the prices of 3 PC and 5 PC licenses are $39.95 and $59.95 respectively. That means the license for more PC is available at less unit price.

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