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Elastic Email Discount | Receive Nice Coupon in 2021

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Grab surprising Elastic Email discount as per EE image.

The Overview of Elastic Email

Modern age consists of modern science. It provides various types of programs and softwares for the welfare of the people all over the world. Online system provides us various facilities for everyone who uses it. The system is also very important for the communication with others. For this reason, emails are very important. And for the delivery of the emails, there are many programs in the web market. Of them, Elastic Email is great. Purchase the great EE with our discount coupon. Don’t miss out the opportunity and get the product with the Elastic Email coupon today.

Elastic Email

The Characteristics of Elastic Email

Emails are integrated and delivered by the Elastic Email. It is very reliable and simple software. 99.99% uptime is ensured by the program. Thus, high delivery rates of email are ensured. It contains a very simple API. It provides an easy way for sending emails. It is very popular for its low cost system. SMTP and HTTP API are used here for the email sending directly. The platform for the creating email is built here without any problem. White label reselling system is used here for earning more profit. The Elastic Email has a very effective management system. The recipient list is managed here, which is blocked. Besides, activity report is provided in detail here. It provides in a statistical way for the customer.

EE Pricing Package and Discount

Elastic Email is very cost effective program for the customer. The price of the program depends on the sent mails. First 1000 mails are free here. For 50000 emails per month, the price in first month is $32.01. After 3 months the price will be $9.50 without the discount code. And after 12 months the cost will be $4.50. It provides also non monthly package for per thousand. Here, for 5000 emails, the price is $0.89 per thousand. For 10000 and 50000 emails, the prices are $0.59 and $0.39 per thousand. And the prices are $0.19 and $0.09 for 100000 and 500000 emails.

The Benefits of Elastic Email

Email Delivery- Elastic Email provides the delivery of emails which are very unique from others. The team which consists of many specialists work here for the best service. Thus, the best email service is provided to the customer. It also provides the monitoring system for the performance in real time. MTA is found here for the bulk email delivery.

In conclusion, please have this all-in-one platform with our coupon. The Elastic Email discount will hopefully satisfy you.

Templates Creating- Elastic Email can create the templates which are more beautiful and unique. The customer, who has no templates, can take the facility from the program easily. The templates are personal and found with drag and drop editor. HTML templates are also imported here.

Pools and IP- Elastic Email provides very effective pools and IP. The systems are found for the best email delivery. The pools are used to eliminate the threats of email delivery. Besides, sub account control panel is also found here. Own domains are used here.

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