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EasyStore Discount, Get Cool Coupon and Review

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10% Cashback on EasyStore

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Buy any license of¬†EasyStore with ‘Click to Redeem’ and get 10% cashback discount. Please see EasyStore image below.

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EasyStore and the Review on This

To maintain the ecommerce activities in a simple manner, many platforms are available to conduct various tasks. The presence of the shopping cart system allows the way to manage the selling process of the digital product in a simple way. In this case, EasyStore is a reliable source. It affords the flexible ecommerce solution with the needed features. With the help of EasyStore, you can simply develop your ecommerce store in a short time. Besides, through this platform, you will get some terms with built-in format like SEO function, online based selling system, user friendly tools etc.

Besides, the product selling process and the category based product selection can be handled simply through this. Get the easy to use tools by purchasing ES with the discount coupon. The EasyStore coupon is expected to be really useful.

EasyStore fulfills some basic functions through the feature section. These are:

Website Development

In the website developing case, the first one term is the website development. In this case, you will get all the supportive system to manage the creative website developing process with the sequential content management way. Besides, the payment system addition process, shipping process and the analytical process can also be managed simply here. In case of previewing the picture in a creative way, you can take the support of the auto sliding format. This format approves the way to display the product after a sequential format.

Structural Format

In this section, you will get the option of maintaining the layout system through drag and drop system. No coding skill is required here. After that, the background section can also be customized in a simple way. To add the multiple menus, it offers various options with the custom process. The available widget can also be controlled easily here with the user friendly options.

Shopping Cart System

To maintain the shopping cart system, it allows the way to manage the single page based checkout addition process. Then the check out addition process for the guest section can be handled from this category. The tax system can be minimized with the specified tool. After that, to add the payment method, you will be suggested various options. From this, you can pick up the needed one. Multiple currencies can be added to any website while depending on EasyStore.

Pricing and Discount of EasyStore

EasyStore offers almost three packages with the variation of the facilities. These packages are: Basic, Business and Platinum. To get Basic package, you will need to pay only RM 899 in each year excluding the discount. For the Business package, RM 1499/year is needed to offer. By issuing only RM 2099 in each year, you can use Platinum package. The platinum package offers the users to add unlimited products on your site.

So, please purchase this tool provider for creating online store with our coupon. Hopefully, the EasyStore discount will impress you.

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