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EasyCron Discount, Enjoy Relishing Coupon in 2021

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15% Cashback on EasyCron

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Highlights of EasyCron

EasyCron is a WordPress plugin that allows you to schedule tasks on calling specified URLs at an individual time or time intervals. This plugin is basically a task scheduler. It does the most crucial job for you. And you can do that job with the help of this plug in any time. Just you need to set the schedule and wait for the plug in to work. Even you can set an individual time shift to schedule the interval for the job. You can manage all your cron jobs directly from your user panel. From time shifting to selecting the URLs, you can add the time zone of your country and also schedule EasyCron as that same time zone. Whenever a cron is done, you will be immediately informed with a mail or text. The notification system is also available on your user panel. The notification system works for instant works.

You can also see the log for done cron jobs. And specifically observe last 10 executed jobs. This tool has HTTP support protocol also cookies as well. You don’t need to panic about how you can use this kind of complicated tools. First of all, this tool is really smooth and easy to run. Secondly, there are tutorials how to use the tool along with screenshot for you to understand better. Get the fascinating EC with our discount coupon. The EasyCron discount will be very helpful while purchasing the product.

Features of the plugin

EasyCron supports standard cron expressions which is really a great feature for cron scheduler as some of the cron requires standard coding to run. So EasyCron is very much popular for its standard cron support. Another great thing about this plug in is that there is a log available for executed job. Whenever a cron is executed that immediately notes on the Log. You can see any of the log file at any time and see which cron did worked, which didn’t. Like other popular cron scheduler this has also the cookie supporting feature. With other job scheduler settings, you can cookies information. And on that scheduled time your cookies get executed. EasyCron is very user friendly as a proof you can see that the time zone of the plugin is fully customizable. You can choose your desired time zone onto your plug in and also the schedule job is executed using that time zone. You have also the variety in specifying the scheduling time.


Basically, there are three options. One is interval of times, another is cron expression, manually choosing. You always get confirmed when your cron job is going to be executed. This is a feature called run time prediction. With this you will be able to know when the job is going to be executed. The best feature of EasyCron is that this is fully web-based and as a result, there is no need of installing any kind of software.

Pricing and Discount of EC

There are several plans available for EasyCron and each of them having different price. The starter pack has a price tag of $7.95/year without the discount code. The Plus kit is available at only at $19.95/year. The Max kit has a price of $49.95/year. And the premium version named Zen is available for $99.95/month.

In conclusion, please have the stable-most Cron Job Services provider with the coupon. We are looking forward to see you enjoy the EasyCron discount.

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