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Driver Magician Review: Backup, Update and Restoration Software

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For controlling the backup and restoration process of the device driver, Driver Magician is an active one product. It has the ability to update the needed driver with the quick installation process. Driver Magician is available for the Windows platform. It manages the system to identify all of the available hardware in any PC. After that, it extracts the associated drivers and the related functions from the hard drive section. Then, it backs up those drivers into a specified location chosen by the users. At any time, the users can use them in later.

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Review of Driver Magician

Taking proper care of the computer is very much necessary. For many devices, you may have the driver CDs. But nowadays you can easily purchase the driver from the respective. It is very good to have the backups for the drivers of all the devices. For that purpose, you can purchase the driver backup creating solutions. On the other hand, you have to keep those up to date all the time. Otherwise the devices will not perform well. And necessary driver updater tool can be purchased for this purpose. Instead of purchasing two solutions, you can get the Driver Magician. This one is the combination of both those solutions. Here are feature details of this amazing product:

Multi-Modal Solution

For all the drivers, same backup mode may not be used. That is why the Driver Magician has four different modes. You just have to choose the right mode according to types of drivers. Restoring facility of this software is very impressive. All you need to do is to click on your mouse once and the necessary data will be restored once. Sometimes, it can be seen that some drivers cannot be uninstalled manually. In those cases, you can take help from the Driver Magician. This product will safely uninstall those very quickly. The database of this product will be updated all the times. It will keep the system fast and efficient all the time.

Attractive Pricing Options

All kinds of computer users must be happy with the pricing of this product. If you want to purchase single license of its then 29.95 USD should be paid. But there are volume discounts also. Lets get some idea about the discounts. Suppose you need to purchase 2 units of Driver Magician. In this case the unit price will be only 22 USD. According to the date of making this post, unit price is only 17 USD in the case of purchasing 10 units at a time. Similarly, unit cost will be only 6 USD if you purchase equal or more than 500 different licenses. Necessary updates and supports will be provided to all the customers of Driver Magician.

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Some Additional Features

From the above discussion, you may have thought the pricing and features of this product are fair. But for some additional features, the Driver Magician has become highly recommendable. This product has the capability to clone all the drivers with ease. And for restoring the drivers, you don’t need to install this software on your computer. This product has very impressive driver restore facility. All the necessary items can be recovered by this very quickly and safely. Though the Driver Magician is and driver backup solution, it can do some more operations. It can create backups for the data from the desktop and other locations.

Useful Functionalities Offered Here

Due to some errors or threats, the available Window OS can be damaged from any PC. At that time, the users will lose the corresponding drivers for the associated device. But if you back up the needed drivers for the active drivers, then you can use them when you need to set up the OS. In fact; the restoration process of the drivers is very simple. At any time, the users can also organize them by depending on their own choice. If you want, then you can also update them for getting genuine performance so that hardware section. In fact; here the up gradation policy and the installation policy can also be maintained under the automated way. So, there exist no complex methods in the driver management system for your PC, while using Driver Magician.

Other Supportive Features

Driver Magician issues all the powerful conditions to handle the driver backup process and the restoration procedure. At the backup time, the users will observe four different modes with the variation of the conditions. At the time of restore, there exists no complexity. You just need to define the location where the available drivers are located. Then, it can easily import them. Driver Magician affords the intelligence system by which the specific driver will be installed for the specific hardware section. With time, you will feel the up-gradation process of the installed drivers. But while using Driver Magician, you can manage this automatically. After conducting the quick scanning process, it can update the needed drivers from the reliable source.

It is also able to uninstall any specific driver at any time. Besides, it can also detect any driver that is unknown for any device or PC configuration. Moreover, all the detailed information of the installed drivers can be obtained through this.

Pricing Issue of Driver Magician

For obtaining 2-9 units of this product, you have to pay only $22/unit. In case of purchasing, 10-24 units, only $17/unit needed to offer. For the Professional use of Driver Magician, you can use 500+ unit packages where $6/unit needed to pay.

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