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DFY Suite Review | Get Pricing for the Social Media Syndicate

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Avail DFY Suite review and pricing served here. Get the social media syndicate system which helps in doubling traffic & sales.

The social media syndication system is very effective for doubling the traffic and sales. There are a small number of tools that comes with this system. DFY Suite is one of these solutions. It is syndication software for social media, blogs, and Wiki.

DFY Suite

DFY Suite Review

Instead of running conventional backlink campaigns, we recommend to run link syndication projects. These projects are more effective in generating traffic and sales. Though there are various tools that has social-syndication facilities, the most of these tools are very difficult to handle. That is why, we suggest DFY Suite. This cloud based software is a newbie-friendly one. There is no need to install any software or create any content to deal with it. Even no social account should be created. Major features and facilities of this suite are:

Web-based Portal

As we have just mentioned, DFY Suite has a web-based portal. Just login to this portal very easily from any device. Then there will be three fields. One of these fields will ask for the campaign name. Then, targeted URLs should be given. And then, you have to mention targeted keywords that describes your campaign. Then just hit a button to submit that campaign. After that, DFY Suite will automatically access these URLs to collect content and create necessary syndication among multiple websites. That is why, your site will get a big traffic very quickly. A big part of this traffic will get converted into customers to provide you a big profit.

DFY Suite review

New Features

The latest version of this solution has various additional features. One of these additional facilities is its big number of websites. This solution will syndicate your contents among these websites very quickly. Another important thing is to it offers a customized syndication speed facility. That means, you will be able to control the speed of syndication as per necessity. The latest version of DFY Suite has a bigger number of platforms to work with. So, there is a more balanced syndication profile now. This software is capable of embedding videos to ensure a faster video ranking. You can insert the URLs of all kinds of websites, blogs, and pages.

Multiple Pricing Plans

Depending on the number of credits, there are two different licenses of DFY Suite. Each credit equals to one backlink. Its Lite Edition supports 200 starting credits. It has a top quality scheduling facility also. To grab this license, a one-time payment of $49.55 should be made. Though the Agency License is more powerful, it is available for a cheaper price as a limited time offer. You just have to pay $33 to access this one. It includes 1000 starting credits and all other facilities of the previous license. Along with that, there is an agency right that allows to use this license of DFY Suite to serve customers.

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