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DataNumen Office Repair Review | Avail Pricing in 2021

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Get amazing DataNumen Office Repair review and pricing served here. Avail the MS Office Suite and Office 365 repair software easily.

Most of the Windows PC and Server users use MS Office Suite and Office 365. Different types of files can be created with this suite. And, these files can get broken any time. All these broken files can easily be repaired by using DataNumen Office Repair.

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DataNumen Office Repair Review

A big number of people regularly use MS Office applications. These applications include Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Sometimes, the files created with these solutions become corrupt. Different tools are there to repair these files. But generally, a single software is able to repair a single type of files. But, we suggest DataNumen Office Repair that is able to repair all these types of files. Let’s have a look at its major features and facilities:

Supports Various Versions

Microsoft Office has several versions. No matter what is the version of your Office Suite, DataNumen Office Repair will work with that. For example, MS PowerPoint is available in different versions of Office from 97 to 2019. And, it is also present in Office 365. This repairing software supports all these versions. After purchasing it, there is no need to use another tool for repairing Word, Outlook, Excel, and Access files. Damaged files created with all these applications can easily be repaired by using DataNumen Office Repair. You don’t have to store the targeted file on your computer hard disk to repair that. Broken files can be stored in any external media including, floppy disks and zip disks. This software will repair these files directly from all these media.

datanumen office repair review

Batch Processing

Like other products of DataNumen, this software has a batch processing capability. For this reason, you don’t have to select a single file and repair that. Rather, it will allow to consider several broken files at a time. More importantly, you can select multiple types of files to repair. There are several tools that offer a great user interface. But, these tools do not support command line parameters. DataNumen Office Repair has a DOS function to support command line parameters.

Plans and Pricing

DataNumen offers a volume discount facility with all its products. This software also has that impressive facility. You are allowed to purchase a single license of it. In that case, only $499.95 should be paid for each. Instead of buying a single license, you can get multiple units at the same time to enjoy the volume discount facility. If 2 to 9 units of DataNumen Office Repair are bought at a time, then the unit cost will become only $379.95. If a customer gets 10 to 24 units of it, then the unit price will be reduced to only USD 299.95. Similarly, it is possible to grab more 500 and even more units of DataNumen Office Repair. In that case, you have to pay only USD 69.95 for each. By purchasing an additional fee, you are allowed to get backup media and an annual technical support facility.

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