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ConvertKit Discount | Buy with the Exclusive Coupon in 2021

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20% Cashback on Any Pricing

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Buy any ConvertKit subscription/license with ‘Click to Redeem’ and get 20% cashback on spent amount. Please see ConvertKit image below for this.


Please check out the CK image. The steps will provide you excellent ConvertKit discount as cash back.

ConvertKit and the Review

For managing email marketing activity, ConvertKit is a professional one tool for the bloggers. If you try to ensure the automation facility for your blogging site, then this tool can help a lot.

ConvertKit is mainly developed by the bloggers and it is perfectly managed for the bloggers. With this powerful product, you can simply handle email marketing solution in a positive way. Due to having this, you won’t need to worry about the duplicate subscribers. Besides, bloggers don’t need to anxious about email funnel creating process. All of the crucial terms inside email marketing can be organized with this product. Avail all the cool features of CK with the discount coupon. Grab this ConvertKit coupon today.

Features List and the Supports

Responsive opt-in form is the first one feature inside this tool. This is assured as a built-in feature. Due to having this condition, you can grow up the subscribers list quite easily almost in all sections. This form can adjust with any device size with the needed requirement. Here, some conditions can be applied by the bloggers like multiple incentives managing criteria, custom opt-in form regulation for every single post etc.

Landing Page Development

ConvertKit provides the support needed to design any landing page quite easily. To enable this process, it issues three different templates. These are very effective for designing the coming soon webpage, opt-in page etc. While conducting this term, there is the opportunity to customize the visual portion. This term can be managed with the support of visual editor. Here, you can change the text portion as well as the color section quite comfortably. Besides, if it is needed, then you can add as much detail having custom pattern. After that, custom CSS can also be integrated for making your page more dynamic.

Automate the Book Marketing

Book marketing automation process is a unique one term inside ConvertKit. This feature can be set up in an automatic way. In fact; you can apply drag and drop functionality, email scheduling, sequence maintaining and other features at any time.

Broadcast: Email courses play a vital role to send out the needed contents to the available subscribers. Here, if you apply broadcasting feature, then these criteria will be fulfilled in a positive way. Inside this, you will observe segmenting; exclude purchaser and other various features.

Pricing and Discount of ConvertKit

ConvertKit offers various plans with the variation of pricing limit. To assure 0-1k subscribers, you need to pay only $29/month without the discount code. To obtain 1k to 3k subscribers, ConvertKit asks only $49/month. This plan is a suitable one for the beginner level users. For 3k-5k subscribers, $79/month is needed. For full professional bloggers, Custom plan is very effective. Here, $7,500 subscribers can be managed having the limit of $99/month. So, by depending on your need, you can choose any specific one.

So, please have the email marketing and automation platform with the coupon. The ConvertKit discount is introduced here to make the purchase easy for you.

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