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20% Cashback on 1st Invoice

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Avail ConnectAutomate discount as 20% cash back. Buy ConnectAutomate monthly or yearly plan with above link and avail this offer on 1st Invoice.

Please check the ConnectAutomate image below for discount details.

ConnectAutomate Discount

ConnectAutomate will help the users to run their social media ad campaigns automatically so that users can easily sell their products on social media sites. It shows the method that does not require the users to go through any kind of trial and error process.

ConnectAutomate Review

Users can straightaway start earning by using this application. It will help users to boost their posts on potential target markets so that users can easily bring a lot of conversion to their site. Those who fail to convert their social media visitors into customers, they may try this. The program states that you will be able to get higher ROI and and can reduce your CPC. With their exclusive 30 days refund policy, you may buy CA with a peace of mind. If you have decided to buy the software, get it easily with our discount coupon. Grab the ConnectAutomate coupon now.

Benefits of the Program

ConnectAutomate allows the users to add as many social media pages that users. Users can add as many pages they need and promote it in online business to make a profit easily. As a result, this program will help users to promote different product lines. To express further, a businessman tends to create different social media pages for different kinds of product lines. In order to promote the products successfully online, users can use this application in all their fan pages. Since this program can do automated marketing campaigns, it will save a lot of working load and time of the users. On the other hand, this program is specifically designed to restrict the rules of boosting a post. Users can add as many restrictions as they want in post boosting. AS a result, it will help users to target a specific market niche and bring profit easily.


The program also offers to add set and forget rules including if/then. It will automatically choose from 2 different marketing campaigns based on the audience visit to the site. As a result, users do not have to do anything. Users can choose which specific file types they want to promote with this tool. Whether they can choose videos, audios or even image files. So that the users can promote in a specific style they prefer.

Auto Boost

ConnectAutomate automatically creates an ad campaign and sends it to Facebook for approval. The program monitors the post of the page of the users for 24 hours. It monitors whether the post is getting a response organically. If it is getting a good response, this program will automatically boost the post. So, only those posts are posted which has a certain amount of potential on the website. Users can track down the relevant post to post at any time. Users can select a time frame from curating the post.

ConnectAutomate Discount and Pricing

CoonectAutomate has a monthly offer and a special offer. The monthly offer has been priced at only 47 dollars per month without the discount code. The special offer for yearly plan has been priced at only 297 dollars. All these packages come with the facility of auto-update. It means there is no need to buy updates separately. Both plans provide same features except yearly plan provide additional content formula and outsourcing formula as a bonus.

Therefore, please get the automated Facebook ads creator with our coupon. Hopefully, the ConnectAutomate discount will make you happy.

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