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CommentSold Coupon: Get Special Discount and Pricing

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30% Cashback on CommentSold

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Get purchase of any of the 2 CommentSold plans (Startup plan or Boutique plan) with our link and claim 30% cashback as discount.

Please see the following CommentSold image.

CommentSold Coupon

Enjoy brilliant CommentSold coupon for Startup as well as Boutique. Kindly see the CS image for the coupon.

There are various types of business automation solutions. But, comment selling tools are still rare. CommentSold is a strong tool, which will increasing the comment sales in automatically. This tool is very much important for a faster selling and more customer satisfaction.

A Short Review of CommentSold

Normally, an online marketer runs various kinds of social media marketing campaigns. After posting different products on different social pages, he waits for the customer comments. Whenever a customer purchase a product, he normally comment on the related post. He naturally asks for the invoices and other selling data. It is not possible for a marketer to seat in front of his computer and wait for the customer comments. To solve this issue, you can use the CommentSold. This software will automatically reply every customer comment with necessary data. Get the handy CS with our discount coupon. The CommentSold discount will be useful. It comes with some very important features.


Automated Invoicing

After purchasing this software, there is no need to worry about the invoicing. For every customer and every product, it will automatically create the invoices. And after that, it will post every invoice as a reply to every respective customer comment. Similarly, this software can automatically post the shipping information. CommentSold can work with various Facebook groups and pages. That is why, there is no need to depend on any other invoicing and commenting tools for different pages. It can work restlessly. That means, whenever a customer asks for an invoice or shipping information, it will reply that instantly.

CommentSold Coupon and Pricing Plans

If you are looking for a comment selling tool for the Facebook only, then the CommentSold Starter Plan is strongly recommended. This product can be accessed by paying only 49 USD per month without the coupon code. It is capable of generating unlimited invoices automatically. Only an email support facility is added to this license. But, some other social networks are very much popular nowadays. For this reason, CommentSold Business License is strongly recommended. This plan can be accessed by paying only 149 USD per month, as per 19 May 2018. It can be integrated with different platforms, including Instagram and Snapify.

Inventory Management

The CommentSold Business License comes with some advanced features and facilities. This one has a built in inventory management facility. That means, it is capable of keeping one eye to inventories of yours. For this reason, there will be no order for a product, which is not available. This advanced software can create some automated Facebook posts on time. It can literally save your valuable time. This license of CommentSold can save your cost also. If you invite three of your friends to purchase this one, then your monthly fee will be waived. That means, there is a chance to use this marketing automation solution without any cost.

Hence, please avail the comment selling tool for FB and Instagram with our discount. We believe, the CommentSold coupon will satisfy you.

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