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Code Compare Coupon, Enjoy Cool Discount on Purchase

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10% Cashback on Code Compare

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Get purchase of any Code Compare license with 10% cashback, as per below image.

Code Compare

Get exclusive Code Compare coupon as per the CC image.

If you are a programmer or IT professional, you may need to deal with so many coding projects. And while dealing with these projects, it may be necessary to work with a huge number of source code files. Code Compare is a comprehensive tool to deal with these source files and to find out the differences.

Code Compare Review and Features

Devart is a software company which offers several products related to coding or programming and databases. There are some other companies offering source code file comparison solutions. But the most of these solutions may not be considered as reliable. Devart has solved this problem by offering the Code Compare Pro. This is one of those very few tools which can compare the source files with various modes. For this reason it is efficient, reliable and recommended. If you liked the CC features, then please purchase with our coupon. The Code Compare discount is going to save you some good money on this tool. Major features and facilities of this tool are:

Efficient Text Comparison

There are only a few tools which offer three-way text comparison facility. Code Compare is one of these tools. If there are some modified texts in a file, this tool will find out those texts very efficiently. After finding out, it will show those in some colored blocks. Similarly, this tool can show different color blocks for the deleted and inserted texts. Sometimes, you may need to work only with the changed or modified text in a file. In these cases, this tool will allow to collapse the unchanged portion. Hence, you will be able to complete your task very quickly. A very easy merging facility is another impressive feature of Code Compare. It offers different merging shortcuts.

Deals with Source Codes

For comparing different source code files, Code Compare is very efficient. It can find out every all the lines and codes, of different files, which are made of the same programming language. Similarly, it can find out those portions where similar methods have been used. Very impressive code outlining facility has been included in this powerful solution. For this reason, you will be able to collapse and expand different sections very easily. Detecting moved blocks can be done by this tool too. This tool is compatible with various versions of the Visual Studio.

Attractive CC Pricing Options and Coupon

Free and Pro editions are available for the Code Compare. Free edition has come with a two-way code comparison and merging facility. Very impressive code comparison and Visual Studio integration also be done by this one. But to enjoy automatic file merging and three-way text comparison facilities, you have to purchase the Pro Edition. According to 8 July 2017, only $49.95 excluding the coupon should be paid for the Code Compare Pro. This paid edition has come with line by line and syntax by syntax text comparison facilities. Even it can also perform word-by-word text comparison. Unchanged region collapsing feature is only available to this paid edition.

In conclusion, please get the tool for file diff, file merger and folder compare with our discount. We are hopeful that the Code Compare coupon is going to be of some assistance for you.

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