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CloudBerry Lab Coupon, Get Discount on Backup & More

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15% Cashback on any CloudBerry Product

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Get the flat 15% cashback through Paypal on purchasing any item from CloudBerry lab. Please have a view of the following CloudBerry image for the cashback details.

15% Cashback on CloudBerry Server Backup

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Get any Backup Server license with this cashback discount. Please follow the image below.

CloudBerry Lab

Get 15% cashback providing as Cloudberry lab coupon. This flat discount applies for any item purchase from the site.

CloudBerry Backup Review

In our modern life, the computer system is an essential condition to maintain all the needed tasks. In the computer system, we can store various types of data. But due to any accident, we can lose the data stored in the PC. In that case, we can rely on CloudBerry Backup. This platform offers the way to manage the backup procedure of the essential data in the online based storage section as well as in the local hard drive section. CloudBerry Backup provides many products for various sections by maintaining the basic backup procedure.

The Products under CB:

So when discussing about Cloudberry lab discount, besides the coupon, we are also featuring some important products of the site.

Powerful Ultimate Version

For storing business data, ordinary backup software is not suitable. For this task, CloudBerry Backup Ultimate can be strongly suggested. This product is capable of storing data from SQL Server and MS Exchange Server. After storing data to cloud from those servers, you can restore those very easily. Item by item restoring system has been added into this. It also has other powerful features which are available for other versions of this solution.

Various License Plan

Each of these editions of CloudBerry Backup has come with amazing pricing. Let’s consider the unit price of these products. Price of Windows Desktop Edition of this software is only $29.99 without the discount code, as per this post creating time. This license can be used in only one computer. Similarly, the cost of the Windows Server Edition of this product is also reasonable. You just have to pay $119.99 for this one for one computer license. For purchasing CloudBerry Backup Ultimate for only one computer, only 299.99 should be paid. Each of these products is available with volume discount facility. That means, if you get multiple licenses of these, per unit cost will be reduced.

Thereafter, avail the online cloud backup and also the storage management solution with our coupon. Hopefully, the CloudBerry Backup discount is going to give you a good product experience. Get the discount coupon on the online cloud backup as well as storage management solution.

Backup for Windows Desktop

For maintaining the personal backup procedure, this program is very supportive. It offers the way to manage the backup system into the cloud storage section for any Windows desktop. It approves the way to compress and encrypt the essential data before assuring the backup system. Besides, the transfer system of the needed data is managed in a secured way. To enable the backup system, the user’s just need to connect the cloud based storage account with this program. After that, you need to configure the basic functions. Then, at any time, the users can manage the flexible backup system with any format.

Backup for Windows Server

The backup system for the server section is an essential issue. Without maintaining the proper backup system under the server section, the security system is not complete. That’s why; CloudBerry Backup for Windows Server has offered all the supportive tools by which the users can store the data in the cloud section directly. The restore method is also ensured through this solution in a flexible way. The data transfer system is maintained in a secured way. Also there is CloudBerry Backup Ultimate edition available.

All-in-One Cloud Backup

This ultimate solution affords all the helpful activities under any single platform. It offers all the conditions like file backup system, server based data backup procedure, bare metal recovery, networking functionality controlling system and so on. This holds the system of automatic data saving mood. It allows the system to store the needed data in the cloud drive section in an automatic system. Besides, the users can manage the scheduled backup system through this solution.

CloudBerry Lab Pricing and Coupon

Here are few product pricing from the CloudBerry Lab. These prices are before the coupon is applied. The Desktop Server can be purchased through the price of $29.99 with a $6 annual maintenance charge. The Serve backup solution can be assured through the price of $79.99 and the annual maintenance charge of this package is only $16. The backup Server Plus can be obtained through $299.99 and its annual maintenance charge is only $60. The Backup for MS SQL Server can be purchased through $149.99 and the annual maintenance charge of this package is only $30. Also there is CloudBerry Backup Ultimate edition available.

So having CloudBerry Lab coupon provides the special pricing with discount in 2021. It comprises of CloudBerry Server, backup server and all other item.

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