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Clicky Analytics Tool Review | Avail the Latest Pricing

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So many analytics tools are there which can help you to track the websites in many ways. But most of those cannot work efficiently. Every analytics tool has some good features and also some cons. But the Clicky analytics tool can be considered as one of the most efficient analytics tools of the world. So many powerful features have made this so powerful that it can be used for tracking many websites at the same time.

The Review of Clicky

If you have used various analytics tools of different companies then you must know that all of those tools are not available in the free version. But the free version of the Clicky is available for those users who are not sure about the efficiency of this tool.


Why to Choose Clicky Analytics Tool

Many analytics tools, even the Google Analytics, do not show the details for each visitor of the targeted website. In this case, the Clicky is very advanced. Because it has the capability to track and show the details of the visitors of the websites. Histories of number and details of the visitors are shown by most of the analytics tools perfectly. But the Clicky will show you not only the histories of the visitors, but also the details of the present visitors instantly. The total tracking system of it can manage very easily. The heatmaps system is one of the best features of the Clicky analytics tool. You will be able to know that the visitors of your website, click on where those sites with the help of the Heatmaps.

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Other Key Features

Clicky will also show you the visitors have stayed to your site for how much time. Clicky is the only analytics tool which has the uptime monitoring system. With the help of this innovative tool, you will be able to find out the ranks of the keywords very easily. It is capable of tracking the local searches separately with the global searches. It has very essential video analytics and split testing systems. By using the campaign tracking system of Clicky, you can monitor the total campaign.

Different Licenses of the Clicky

For tracking only one website for testing, you can use the Trial edition of the Clicky. This edition offers all the basic features of this analytics tool. Both the Pro and Pro Plus license allow the users to track 10 different websites and viewing thirty thousand pages per day. But the Pro Plus license offers the heatmaps as well as the uptime monitoring systems whereas the Pro license does not offer these facilities. If you need to use Clicky to track 30 different websites then you can buy the Pro Platinum license of the Clicky analytics tool. You can also buy the Custom license if you need to use it for more than 30 websites.

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