ClickMagick Discount: Grab Fantastic Coupon in 2021 screenshot

ClickMagick Discount: Grab Fantastic Coupon in 2021

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Buy any of the ClickMagick plan (Standard, Starter or Pro) with our link and then get 40% cashback, as per below ClickMagick image.

ClickMagick Discount

Avail excellent ClickMagick discount for Standard plan, Pro plan or Starter plan. Please check out the CM image for the cashback coupon.

We use various ways to run a marketing campaign. It is very important to track every marketing campaign. But, there are only a few solutions, which can do this task. ClickMagick is one of these solutions. It consists of various tracking tools you may need.

ClickMagick Review and Features

Every campaign comprises of different small tasks. You have to complete all these tasks very carefully. Every little campaign attracts so many people. Each of them will not be converted into a customer. That is why, you have to track the conversion rate. Similarly, some other tracking operations should also be done. Suppose, you want to track all these things manually. Actually, this is almost impossible. Even if you can track a little, it will take several hours. That is why, a marketing campaign tracking solution is very important. ClickMagick is a good option for doing this task. Avail the cool CM functionalities with our coupon. The ClickMagick discount will be useful in 2021.


Split-Test Facility

One of the most important tasks in any campaign is to choose the most effective contents. Suppose, you want to choose a form that has the best potential. In doing so, a split-test mechanism should be used. You cannot find that top performing page without getting help from a split-test tool. ClickMagick comes with that amazing facility. Another advantage of this solution is its MagickPop. This is actually a popup generating solution. It supports five different types of popups. Some of these types are exit pops, delayed pops, and exit redirects, etc. These popups will bring more money from your website. ClickMagick is capable of adding several countdown pages and notification bars.

ClickMagick Discount and Reasonable Pricing Options

When you will run a marketing campaign, you will look for more clicks. Depending on this number of clicks, a suitable plan of ClickMagick should be selected. Suppose, your target is maximum 10 thousand clicks in a month. The Starter Plan of this solution is enough in this case. It is available for only 12 USD/month without the discount code in a yearly billing system. The Standard Plan is capable of dealing with 100 thousand monthly clicks. Its monthly cost is only 33 USD. ClickMagick Pro Plan is available for only 66 USD/month as per this post creating time. This one supports 1 million monthly clicks. An amazing data retention facility is added to this solution too.

Advanced Retargeting

One of the most important features of this solution is its retargeting facility. It actually can follow your visitors always. And it will continuously show them your offers. That is why, the probability of getting more conversion increases. This solution is capable of utilizing different affiliate sales pages very efficiently. By using these pages, you can direct the visitors anywhere. ClickMagick comes with a traffic quality tracking tool. It will inform you about every suspicious event regarding the traffic.

In conclusion, please avail the tool for tracking and optimizing all your marketing in 2021 with our coupon. We hope, you will enjoy the ClickMagick discount.

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