ClickCease Discount: Get Excellent Coupon and Review screenshot

ClickCease Discount: Get Excellent Coupon and Review

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20% Cashback on ClickCease

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Buy Basic and Standard plan with our “Click to Redeem” link and have 20% cashback discount. Please see ClickCease image below for this.


Enjoy cool ClickCease discount for Basic and Standard both as per the coupon article mentioned above.

ClickCease Review

ClickCease comes with facility to block the clicks. It means users can block all the deceptive ads online. It also means that users can make sure that they can have clean clicks. Clicks are really important to maintain a good amount of traffic. It becomes really hard to manager the website without having enough traffic. When users cannot get the organic traffic because frauds, it effects the website. So using ClickCease can be useful for managing these things. If the CC review impressed you, then please proceed for the purchase by utilizing the discount coupon. The ClickCease coupon is really going to be helpful.

Core Features

ClickCease provides the users authority on the traffic. It is one of the most important things when it comes to traffic. Users should know how to manage the traffic. The click frauds or invalid accounts are not organic traffic. It makes the sales to drop. So when users have their sales drop because of fake traffic it can be really disadvantage of the users. So just to say for example, if the users want the authority over the traffic. The program can make prevention on fraud clicks for 24 hours. It also shows that how relaxed users can be by using this tool. It can be really time saving for the users. When users save a lot of time they can focus on their business. Users can focus on making their business rich. So when users do not need to focus on the traffic, they have apple of time to organize. 24 hours fraud monitoring will also allow the users to see how fraud they have in clicks.

ClickCease also provides the help to block the fraud. It means that users do not need to worry about anything about click fraud. The program will automatically take the action on behalf of the users. So it makes the traffic movement smooth to the site. The click marketing more effective. Marketing is important for any website to reach to the customers. Click marketing helps to reach directly to the customers. So when users provide ad online, the program can hide add from the fraud automatically. It gives him opportunity to run a successful marketing campaign. So the prevention can be smooth.

ClickCease Discount

Custom Detection Rules

ClickCease offers the users to imply the detection rules based on their comfort. So users can customize the add detection. It can provide the users to access to reach only to the customers that they want to target. No one else can see add except the niche market.

CC Pricing Plans and Discount

ClickCease has 3 different packages. The basic package is priced only 15 dollars excluding the discount. It is a monthly package. The standard package is only 50 dollars. It is also a monthly package. The first package has 14 day free trial for the users. The second package has 7 days free trial for the users.

So, please have the PPC click fraud detection and also protection service with our coupon. Hopefully, you will enjoy the ClickCease discount.

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