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ChronoScan Coupon: Get Cool Discount and Review in 2021

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There are various kinds of document processing solutions. But all of these cannot deal with scanned documents. For this task, special kinds of document scanners are required. This is one of the most efficient scanner software. It has very powerful OCR technology.

Features and Review of ChronoScan

From PDF and scanned files, it is not possible to grab data manually. These types of documents are copy protected. But sometimes, it becomes very urgent to create copy of those. In such solutions, we retype those with word processing software. Instead of doing so, easier way is to use OCR software. ChronoScan is one of this type of tools. Actually for data scanning and creating copies, some important tools are required. All those tools are integrated into this solution. That is why it is considered as, document scanning suite. Purchase the suite at a more affordable price with our coupon. The ChronoScan discount will be really helpful.


Here are some major facts of this suite:

Advanced Data Capturing

This application is capable of capturing all kinds of data. For this task, this software suite can efficiently scan any document. It requires only a few minutes for scanning any of that. Sometimes, you may not need the entire documents to be scanned. Zonal OCR facility has been added to this suite. For this reason, it can only scan selected parts of the files. Before that, you just have to customize the OCR parameters as per necessity. We know that, Nuance OCR is the best of the world. ChronoScan has come with Nuance OCR plugin. That is why, its working efficiency is better than other document scanning software. With this product, you can create small documents by separating large ones.

Affordable Pricing Plans and Coupon

One free plan and two paid plans are available for ChronoScan. Free Plan is only for home users and does not have any premium features. Professional Plan of this product is available for only 245 EUR. This product comes with 1 capture grid and two CPU cores. Command line execution is another nice feature of this product. It is suitable for personal and company uses. But for company uses, strongly recommendable solution is the Advanced Plan. As per 26 April 2017, cost of this license is only 595 EUR excluding the coupon. This license of ChronoScan supports 4 capture grids and HotFolder. 2D barcode support is another huge feature of it. It has come with user interface personalization facility.

Useful HotFolder Facility

ChronoScan is one of those tools which has HotFolder facility. For this feature, you can create specific setting for specific folders. This software will provide similar operation to all the files of those folders automatically. That means, there will be no need to spend separate time to deal with separate files anymore. Just like the scanned files, this software is also capable of dealing with PDF files. That means, PDF data extraction and new file creation can be done with this software.

In conclusion, please get the scanner software with our discount. The ChronoScan coupon is highly expected to impress you.

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