Carts Guru Discount: Avail the Coupon and Pricing screenshot

Carts Guru Discount: Avail the Coupon and Pricing

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Carts Guru discount

Avail the discount on purchasing any CG plan, as per above discount image.

Are you worried about your abandoned carts while running your business? Don’t worry at all. To help you with the sufficient conditions, Carts Guru is a dependable one platform. This is considered as a simple one solution for the e-merchants. You can use this tool to convert the available visitors who have abandoned their shopping carts into the paying customers. It applies some effective strategies to recover more than 20% abandoned carts. These processes are managed while retargeting text message, emails, Facebook ads, automated phone calls, Facebook messenger etc.

Overview of Carts Guru

While running any ecommerce store, you will face that many customers abandon their shopping sections. This is really an unwanted situation for any business owner or the marketer. In that scenario, Carts Guru is a dependable one which can retarget the effective channels. Through these functionalities you can bring those customers into the checkout baskets. Avail this commission by securing the amazing product at a cheaper price using our discount. Grab the Carts Guru coupon today using the simple steps provided in the image.

Carts Guru

Step by Step Features

Email Targeting: Carts Guru ensures email retargeting procedure to recapture the targeted customers who didn’t complete the checkout process. To handle this term, it applies personalized functionalities. In this section, you will find total control over scheduling criteria, cart value and related structures. Within this term, it offers responsive, customize and beautiful templates. Then, you will also observe single click cart recovery and flexible analytical system.

Text Message: Text message is one of the most popular one platforms to establish flexible communication system. With this term, you can simply ensure high conversion rate. Here, you don’t need to allow any customer log-in procedure. Besides, you can rely on this process to get the people’s attention.

Facebook Messenger

You can take a positive advantage from this platform. Carts Guru allows some helpful methods to increase your customer engagement. Here, you can send out personalized messages to the needed customers. This condition will simply maximize the potential rate in a positive way.

Facebook Ads Retargeting: Facebook’s dynamic ads are really essential to grab the customer’s attention. With this feature, you will be able to deliver the messages to the customers about the pending carts. Most of all, you can ensure filtering process by depending on product type or the price within this category.

Carts Guru Discount and Pricing

Carts Guru offers three different plans. These are: Starter, Medium and Performance. The Starter plan is suitable for the beginner level users. You can get this plan with the price of $9.99/month without the discount code. It includes 100 SMS integration and unlimited interaction on each cart. If you are ready to get Medium plan, then you will be asked only $199/month. It allows many advanced level features while comparing with the Starter plan. For full professional activity, Performance plan is a suitable one. It also ask $199 in each month.

So, please avail the fantastic cart recovery product of Carts Guru with our coupon. We believe, you will enjoy the Carts Guru discount.

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