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CartHook Discount | Get Coupon in 2021 Purchase

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10% Cashback on CartHook

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Buy any CartHook plan with our 10% cashback discount, as stated in below CartHook image.

CartHook Discount

Have cool CartHook discount for its professional plan. Please check out the discount in CH image.

There should not be any doubt that a Shopify store can bring a lot of money. But, you have to be careful in bringing back the lost revenue. CartHook will help you to do so with ease. This is a comprehensive email marketing platform with built in checkout and upsell management facilities.

A Quick Review of the CartHook

In every online store, there should be a shopping cart. In case of a Shopify store, this shopping cart is pretty impressive. But, that does not mean that no one will abandon his cart. The abandonment of a cart quite usual. Anyone can pick some products and then change his decision not to buy those products. But, there is something to do about this usual occurrence. CartHook is there to help you. This advanced level email marketing platform can bring a considerable percentage of revenue from an abandoned cart. At the same time, it can create some amazing checkout and upsell page. Avail these cool CH features with our discount. The CartHook coupon is going to come in handy. Here are some major features and facilities of this platform:


Very Easy Process

This solution will work smoothly and continuously with any of your Shopify store. No visitor will be able to understand its presence. They can easily add the products to their carts. Whenever a product with a CartHook tag will be selected, it will start working. The customer will automatically be directed to a high converting checkout page. After that, he will be directed to an upsell funnel. From that funnel, it is very easy for him to add some more products. Then, CartHook will offer very attractive thank you page to that customer to end up a process.

CartHook Discount and Pricing Plans

Along with a big number of features and facilities, CartHook comes with some impressive pricing plans. The Silver Plan of this solution can be accessed by paying only $50 per month without the discount code. This one is capable of recovering up to 1000 USD in a month. Another option is the Gold Plan, which is available for only $100 per month. It can deal with 2500 USD recovered revenue. CartHook Platinum is available for only 250 USD/month as of this post creating time. It will let you recover up to $5000 of your lost revenue. Similarly, there is a custom plan to recover even a bigger amount.

Bring Back Revenues

I have already mentioned about the process that can ensure more revenues by offering an upsell funnel. Now, it’s time to think about the abandoned carts. When a visitor will add some product and abandoned the cart, CartHook will automatically collect his email address. This solution is capable of collecting unlimited email accounts. After creating a list of accounts, it will run a comprehensive email campaign. It will send some emails regarding various products and offers. Then, there will be a big chance that these recipients will come back to purchase some products. And, that is how your revenues will be recovered.

So, get your ecommerce revenue increased today by purchasing with our coupon. The CartHook discount is going to be useful.

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