CanvasFlip Review: Avail Pricing for the Amazing Software screenshot

CanvasFlip Review: Avail Pricing for the Amazing Software

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Get amazing CanvasFlip review and pricing provided here. Avail the software and enjoy all the latest features and benefits offered.

A prototype of a software means the rough version of that tool. A prototype may need some customizations before being finalized. If you can find out some customer usability issues for a prototype, it is possible to make that more profitable. CanvasFlip will help to find out and solve these issues.


Quick Review of CanvasFlip

There are various ways to make an app more profitable. You have to understand what users want. In doing this task, you have to find out the usability issues of a software. That means, some common problems that may resist a user to keep using an app. Some impressive prototype usability tracker solutions are out there. Some of these tools are for Android app, and some are for iOS apps. Instead of purchasing separate tools for two platforms, my suggestion is to get CanvasFlip. This user experience and prototyping solution can deal with the apps of both these platforms.

Supports Various Prototypes

Different kinds of prototypes are supported by this solution. It supports prototyping with sketch and that with Balsamiq. Maintaining scroll position on any prototype screen is an important task. It can easily be done with CanvasFlip. Sometimes, you may need to show multiple screens to every user. This software helps to set a timer for every page. After a specific time, a new page will be shown to the user. This solution allows to add various gestures, layers, and transitions.

CanvasFlip review

The UX Analytics

This is an amazing feature of CanvasFlip. This analytics tool has a user video recording capability. It will let you record the interaction of a user on your app remotely. Then, you will be able to watch that video anytime. Another impressive facility of this tool is the conversion funnel monitoring. Some of app screens will perform better than others. It will let you find out that with ease. You prototype screens may have several contents. All these contents will not attract every user equally. CanvasFlip helps to find out a user interaction heatmap on the app page. That means, it will help to understand which things in the app have attracted more users.

CanvasFlip Plans, Pricing

Definitely, everyone will not need CanvasFlip for the same reason and same number of prototypes. If you have only 3 prototypes to work with, then the Starter License of this solution is suitable. It is for only one user. Its monthly cost is only 15 USD according to this review writing time. It also has a single user license with unlimited prototype support. This Professional License can be bought by paying only 25 USD per month. CanvasFlip Team License is available for $99/month. This one is a 5-user license. A team management program is added to this. Similarly, the Enterprise License is another impressive one. This one can be bought for any number of users.

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