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Boomr Discount | Enjoy Cool Coupon on the Purchase

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10% Cashback on Monthly and Yearly

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Buy monthly or yearly license of Standard and Business license with the ‘Click’ link and have 10% cashback on your 1st invoice. Please see below¬†Boomr image for discount.

Boomr Discount

Get cool Boomr discount for Standard and Business. Kindly have a look at the Boomr picture for cashback coupon.

A big number of employees work in every organization. It is very difficult to track their daily active working time without taking help of a reliable software. Boomr is one of the most reliable employee time tracking tools of this world. It is also an affordable one.

Review of Boomr at a Glance

If you do not have an employee time tracking software, then it is very difficult to evaluate the performance of every employee. They will have a chance to use your resources for their private tasks. If your workers and staffs work is a same place, it is a bit easier to track their working time. But, they stay in different locations, tracking them is not that much easy. For this reason, an employee time tracking software is very much important. Boomr is a great solution for this task. Get the amazing solution with our discount. The Boomr coupon will come in handy. This employee time tracking solution has following features and facilities:


Some Basic Features

Location based time tracking is one of the best features of Boomr. It offers a free app to each employee. Some necessary email and text notifications will be sent to each of them. That is why, they will never forget to check in. And, you will be able to track their working time with ease. Another important feature of this software is the overtime tracking and management. Sometimes, some overtime hours can be very expensive. In that case, Boomr will send notifications to you and your employees. This software can automatically create some timesheets. These sheets can be used in the reports of every worker.

Project Tracing Facility

Every project should be completed in a certain time. That is why, this software comes with a built in project tracking facility. That means, it can track the progress of every employee in every small project. In most of the factories, there is a shifting system. Every worker works in a certain shift in every working day. That is why, a shift management facility is very much important. Boomr comes with an impressive shift management system. You will be allowed to set different terms and conditions for different shifts.

Boomr Discount, Plans and Pricing

All the basic features are included in Boomr Standard Plan. To purchase this license, only $16 should be paid as its base price without the discount code. Then, $4 should be paid per user in every month. The Business Plan of this product comes with so many additional features. Its base price is only 36 USD. As per 21 May 2018, only 7 USD/user should be paid in this case. Among different additional features of this software, the real time notification facility is a great one. It also has an expense tracking facility. Boomr Enterprise License is a flexible one with more advanced features. It comes with the custom configuration and pricing facilities.

So, please grab the employee time tracking tool and more with our coupon. We believe, you are going to love the Boomr discount.

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