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AVChat Review | Avail Pricing for the Video Chat Software

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Have AVChat review and pricing served here. Avail the video chat software and enjoy all the amazing feature & benefits offered.

If you want create such website where the users will be allowed to participate in video chatting then the AVChat can be your best choice. This web tool has some packages and you have to choose the right package for you depending on how many user you want to work with. AVChat has become very popular for tons of features and efficiency of each of the packages.


Review of AVChat

Video sharing and chatting will be very easy to your website if you use this premium web tool to that site. You have to provide so many facilities to the users to make your site as huge user attraction. AVChat will let you set different membership packages to the users and you can customise those packages anytime you need. The users can use different user ids and respective passwords. That is why all the account will be protected. They will be able to chat personally to other users or they can create chat rooms or group to chat with multiple users at a time.

The Main Features

It can be possible to kick and ban the users who will ruin the environment of the chat groups or rooms. Protected video chatting is one of the best features of this web tool. For this features, the shared video clip can be protected very strongly. All types of low and HD quality videos can be streamed to your website without any problem and even those can be streamed in full screen mode. The users will be able to record any video in best quality.

AVchat review

Exclusive Packages

Different types of membership packages are provided for AVChat. AVChat Lite will for those websites where the targeted number of users is maximum 2000 and it will allow 20 simultaneous users at a time for the chatting. AVChat Basic is suitable for the websites of maximum 4000 users and it allows maximum 40 simultaneous users. If you want to use AVChat in such websites where the number of traffic and simultaneous users is unlimited then you have to choose the AVChat Unlimited package.

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