Atomic Lead Extractor Review | Avail Pricing for the Software screenshot

Atomic Lead Extractor Review | Avail Pricing for the Software

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Check Atomic Lead Extractor review and pricing served here. Avail the email address, phone number, skype and ICQ extractor.

Email marketing section is filled with a lot of variations. Here, you will observe a lot of software products with many exceptional features for performing various activities. Among of them, Atomic Lead Extractor is an essential software product to the users.

Atomic Lead Extractor

Atomic Lead Extractor Overview

Atomic Lead Extractor helps the users to create any database system to reach into the cold leads. By using it you can easily extract any email messages, phone call, Skype id in a quick process. Besides, it also ensures the facility to extract various information methods like MSN Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo Messenger and so on. In the extracting system of phone numbers and email messages, it uses the default method. Moreover, it provides the searching facility for other contacts processes. After finishing the searching activity the users will be asked to command for the contacts types in the specific tab. This software program affords many effective features. These are:

Refined Searching Option

After entering the address of any website, Atomic Lead Extractor will extract all the information of the clients for establishing the future communication system. Besides, you can also upload any specific file by providing a list of addresses of the websites. Under the keyword searching option you can use the available options of the search engines to find out the sites under that keyword. After that, it will visit them for gathering more information. The beneficial sector of this software is that, it can extract the email addresses and the phone numbers by the default method.

Atomic Lead Extractor review

Proxy Support

The Atomic Lead Extractor supports the function to connect to internet system through the proxy servers. But in this case, the search engines as well as some site provide the limitations. The extracting speed of this software is very fast due to the function of multithread mode. Moreover, this software can be run by using almost 39 search engines.

Atomic List Manager Online

This will help you to create the perfect mailing list from different lists and as a result your email campaign will be more effective. This is one of the most attractive services provided by the Atomic brand. You can enjoy this service by paying a monthly fee.

You can upload the email addresses from any type of document files to Atomic List Manager. It will collect only the email addresses from a file and ignore other information. From the list of email addresses it will erase the addresses which are added more than a single time in the list. It is capable of sorting the addresses based on various criteria.

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