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Atomic Email Studio Discount Coupon : Get Promotion in 2021

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Atomic Email Studio

Get excellent Atomic Email Studio discount. Please click on the AES link and the discount price will be automatically generated.

Why to Choose Atomic Email Studio

Though there are various products of the AtomPark Software Company, the Atomic Email Studio can be considered as the most powerful product of this company. If you buy this product, then you will not need other tools for starting and completing various types of email campaigns. You can use this product for your personal purposes. And it also has the corporate licenses. Here we have discussed about various features of this attractive product of AtomPark. You can purchase AES with the coupon offer. Please redeem the Atomic Email Studio discount by clicking on the AES link.

Main Features of the Atomic Email Studio

The features of this product can be classified into different categories. If you consider the marketing features category of this product, you will be able to know that it can be used for sending so as many emails as you want to unlimited number of destinations.  Managing the list of recipients is very important for each of the mailing campaigns. And that can be done with this product. It will also help you to manage the subscriber and unsubscribing lists. To create the mailing list, Atomic Email Studio can import the contacts very efficiently. It will help you customize the lists very easily. You can use this to verify the email addresses, and it is very important to make the email campaigns successful.

Many mass mail software programs cannot work with the attachments of the emails. But this product will let you send and manage the email attachments without any problem. It can send the replies the received emails according to your settings. It can extract and collect the contact information from the WHOIS databases, different types of newsgroups, websites and all types of files. Email Studio of AtomPark Software will provide you the result of the email campaigns very efficiently.

Licenses and Discount on AES

For personal uses, you can buy the basic license of the full version of the Atomic Email Studio. And the price of this license is only $299 excluding the discount coupon. If you want to use this product for business uses, then you can choose any of the corporate licenses of this product. One of the main features of the corporate licenses of the Atomic Email Studio is each of those includes the Email Tracker. If you want to buy the corporate license for 3 different PCs, you have to pay $549 and this license will let you use the Email Tracker for 3 months.

If you buy the Email Studio Corporate License with $699 then you will be allowed to use it on 5 different PCs. it includes 6 months validity of the Email Tracker. The most powerful license of the Corporate Plan is available with $999. This license includes Email Tracker of 12 months and it can be used in 10 PCs. All the prices here are according to 10 September 2014.

In conclusion, please use the discount to purchase this great tool. Enjoy this Atomic Email Studio coupon in 2021.

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