Ardamax Keylogger Discount: Attractive Coupon in 2021 screenshot

Ardamax Keylogger Discount: Attractive Coupon in 2021

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20% Cashback on Ardamax Keylogger

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Buy with 20% cashback discount on the tool. Please follow the following image for the details after you buy with the ‘click to redeem’ link.

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Ardamax Keylogger Review & Features

Computer monitoring solutions are of various kinds. All of those are not equally powerful. And the same time, many of these cannot work by hiding. That is why, users of targeted computer can easily go beyond monitoring of those tools. But Ardamax offers a very impressive solution for this task. The name of such product of this company is Keylogger 6.0. This tool has very powerful features to monitor activities of your kids, partners, and employees. Get AK with the discount coupon. The Ardamax Keylogger coupon will save you some money by reducing the product price. Let’s have a look at some main features and facilities of this solution:

Work with Silence

Like all other powerful keylogger solutions, Ardamax Keylogger is also capable of tracking the activities of every keystroke. And after that it can save those activities for reporting you. Sometimes, tracking keystrokes is not enough. In those cases, this software is capable of taking screenshots of the targeted device screen. So what exactly are opened on that computer, it can be determined very easily. Functions of this solution can be controlled remotely. That is why, you don’t have to access necessary information by sitting in front of targeted computer. Ardamax Keylogger is a silent functioning software. No trace of this solution can be found by computer users. That is why, it will remain effective all the times.

Discounted Pricing Options of AK

If you consider the regular fee of single user license of Ardamax Keylogger, it is very impressive. Actually, it was 69.95 USD which is attractive compared to its powerful features. But as per 13 February 2017, this pricing has become even more attractive. 30% discount facility has been offered for this product. That is why, you just have to pay 48.97 USD excluding our exclusive discount for the single user license of this product. Similarly, discounted pricing has also been offered for multiple user licenses. For example, if you purchase 2-9 licenses of this software at a time, only 35.67 USD should be paid for each. In case of 10-24 licenses, unit cost is reduced to only 20.97 USD. Site License of Ardamax Keylogger is offered for only 295 USD. It is for all users of a same network.

Kids & Employee Monitoring

It is not possible to hide technology nowadays. You have to let your kids use the internet. But it may be harmful by various reasons. They can be connected with dangerous friends and watch harmful contents. Ardamax Keylogger will help to monitor their activities. That is why, it will be possible to control them very easily. Similarly, your business partners may not be trusted all the times. If they cheat on something, this software is capable of catching that. During working hours, many employees can waste time by doing irrelevant tasks on computer. Ardamax Keylogger will help you to control them. This solution is even effective for personal texts and activities backups.

So, purchase this keylogger with the coupon offer. If you have any question regarding the Ardamax Keylogger discount, please contact us.

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