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Antamedia Point of Sale Review, Guest WiFi and Hotel WiFi

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In the age of modern computer system we are totally dependent on the effective facilities of this. Without using this system we can’t solve our daily activities not only in our personal case, but also in the business firm. To ensure the improvement process in the business firm, many factors work behind it. Many utility software programs are also needed in the online based business firm. Antamedia Point of sale is one of the needed one. To manage the selling process of the products from the business firm, this program is very effective for the users. Besides, the inventory management system can be assured through this. In fact; the good relation between the clients and the owners of the business firm is a needed one factor. The flexible relation can be assured through the simple and user friendly communication process. All these functionalities are available under this program.


Antamedia Point of Sale

Nowadays computer is the one of the most essential parts of any types of businesses. You must use computers for maintaining your businesses more easily and quickly. To handle the businesses you must use various types of programs and tools. Antamedia Software Company provides several types of products which are very helpful for different types of businesses. One of the main products of this company is the Antamedia Point of Sale. This product is available in different editions. You just have to purchase the right edition for your business considering the features of each of the editions.


Product management process of any business firm is a needed one factor while improving the activities of any firm. To control the inventories and the associative products of your business firm, you can use the specified tools on this. Moreover, this product can use in almost in any online based business firm and the related sectors like internet café, restaurant, gaming section and so on.

Features and Characteristic

Managing process of the Client’s PC: To control the networking system of the client’s PC, this program offers some needed tools. By applying these tools, you can easily configure all the options of this program from the admin panel of the host PC. Users can connect almost 5 PC through a single license of POS. All these facilities are allowed for the Windows based OS.

Marketing section management process: To control the marketing section of your business firm, Antamedia Point of Sale offers all the needed options with the user friendly application process. For previewing the contents of your business firm you can use the available tools with the flexible graphical format. Besides, the needed images can also be inserted with the specific contents by which the viewers can get the idea about the products. Here, you can add various types of layout, format and the header title to attack the viewers in the contents.


Payment functions: To manage the payment procedure in the online based firms, it approves many types of functions. According to the need for the users you can customize the payment system from the needed category. Besides, this process is also very sequential. Due to these processes, the customers can easily depend on your business section while shopping any product. In a word; for organizing the products the businessmen are getting dependent on this.

Key Benefits of This Product

To maintain your business, you should use this product which will help you to know about the available products, sold products and customer details. You can set up the prices for each of the products in your shop or shopping malls. Including the taxes with prices of all the products is a very important task of maintaining the business. Moreover, Antamedia Point of Sale can be used to apply the taxes to the prices of the products.

Creating and printing the bills are also very important. This product of the Antamedia will help you to do these tasks. The Lite edition of this product can be used for one point of sale terminal. If it is necessary, then you can add pictures to each of the product names of your business. We can also record customer details with the help of this product of Antamedia.

If you want to offer discounts for the products then you can apply those the prices of all the products. Many software and tools cannot work with all types of products and all the categories. Unlike those tools, Antamedia Point of Sale can work with any number of products and product categories. That means you can use this tool for any type of businesses. To use this product, you can use the Windows operating system on the computers of your business.

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