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Antamedia Internet Café Software Review | Secure your Internet

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Some software and programs are needed to maintain the personal computers. On the other hand, some are very important for the business and internet café computers. You will find many strong and efficient software and tools for the personal computers. But it is not that easy to get the perfect tools for the internet café computers. Antamedia Internet Café Software is one of the most efficient management tools for the computers of internet cafes.

This is also very popular product of the Antamedia brand. We have discussed about the Lite Edition of this very useful product. Four different editions are available for this product of Antamedia and the Lite edition is very popular among those available editions. This edition is highly recommended if you have to control a little internet café.

Antamedia Internet Café

Antamedia Internet Café Software Review

First, you have to consider how many client computers this software can work with. The Lite edition of Antamedia Internet Café can be used to manage four different client computers. You can use this software to maintain the price level for the users. Even you can set different rated for different hours of the internet usage. The users will be able to see their usage and the payment details of their login screen.

Why to Use the Software

You will face no major problem to install and maintain this software. It can work with the computers which are operated by any version of the Windows operating system. Antemedia has included some skins, which can be used to change the user interface, to this innovative software. So you can change the interface based on the type of your internet café. There are some built in categories in this software also and those categories will also help you to customize this product very easily and perfectly.

Features of the Application

It is very important to monitor the activities of the customers when they use the internet from the client computers of your internet café. Antamedia Internet Café Software – Lite Edition will help you to get the information about the activities of the customers and the spent time with them for using the internet. This product will provide you the total statistical and graphical report about each of the customers. One of the most important features of this software is it can provide very strong security to your computers. You can hide the confidential items of the client computers.

Antamedia Internet Café review

Creating the bills and collecting the payments are the two most important tasks for managing the internet café. The Lite Edition of the Internet Café Software will help you to complete these tasks very easily and perfectly. By using it, you will be able to charge the customers for the spent time, downloaded files, used bandwidth and for other activities. You can also close the internet connection of the client computers after a specific period of time. This software can close the connection and charge the bills automatically.

Benefits of This Software

User can also active prepaid system with the help of this software. By activating this system you will be able to set the usage limit or time limit for the users. The users will be able to see their usage of the login screen. They will get notifications when their limit will be over. Another important considerable thing about the products like the Antamedia Internet Café Software is how many client computers that software can work with.

The Lite edition of this software can use to control four software computers maximum. No matter which version of the Windows OS is installed to those computers, this software can suitably work with those. You can also use the trial version of this software before buying the license. With one license, you can use this software for unlimited time.

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