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Advanced HostMonitor Pricing: Avail Review for Monitoring Software

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Check amazing Advanced HostMonitor review and pricing served here. Get the monitoring software to enjoy all the cool features and benefits offered.

In maintaining our modern life, we have to depend on some essential factors. Among of these factors, computer system and the networking site are much needed for every person for assuring the digital life more colorful. In the networking section, the monitoring section is very essential. To maintain the task of network monitoring, we can rely on Advanced HostMonitor.

Advanced HostMonitor

Advanced HostMonitor Overview

This network monitoring software program is valid almost for all networking section. It offers more than 77 methods with the testing processes by which the checking process of the networking section can be managed with the needed parameters. After that, it also ensures the actions profiles by which the needed actions for the needed orders can be proffered. After that, it offers the log files system to manage the detail levels and the formats like HTML, DBF, and ODBC and so on.

Advanced HostMonitor review

Main Activities Performed

Advanced HostMonitor holds the functions of checking any type of TCP services, routing management system, FTP services, DNS services and the related functions. Besides, the needed disk space, free memory or the virtual memory, CPU usage format, folder managing section and the website controlling activities can be managed through this solution. After that, the SQL server managing process, traffic system under the networking section and the other tasks can be controlled through this. The testing process with 77 methods can be applied on regular timing basis or the regular scheduling process.

Then, the remote monitoring system can be performed through this solution in an easy process. Advanced HostMonitor offers almost 30 alerting methods with the response activities. It can provide the information about the network stability or failure system to the users. All these processes can be performed through the visual notification or audio notification. Moreover, the function of remote controlling system can be handled in a simple process through these alerting methods.

Other Functions and Pricing

Report Manager: Advanced HostMonitor can afford the system of generating the test result with the log files and reporting system. It has the ability to generate the log files by maintaining various types of levels. The report manager allows the way of creating various types of reports with the proper customization process. Besides, the linking process can be performed through this solution. All these activities can be operated from the remote section with full performance.

Pricing Issue: Advanced HostMonitor offers various packages and these packages are Lite with the price of $99, Standard with pricing condition of $175. After that, the Professional package can be purchased with the price of $350. At the last case, the Enterprise package can be purchased through $799 with the up gradation condition.

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