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Avail Absolute pricing and review served here. Check the solution that offers cloud management & security to digital device users.

Absolute Software is a technology based security service provider for computer, netbook and smartphone users. Using the latest security technology Absolute Software offers cloud management and security to the digital device users. It is able to recover stolen computers physically and deletes the sensitive information remotely. It helps organizations to reduce their IT related costs, protect form computer theft and increase the productivity of the computers.


Absolute Software Products and Review

Today, lots of individuals and organizations are using the products and services of Absolute Software. The popularity of Absolute Software is growing dramatically. Companies are going global, getting larger and widening the use of technology. New opportunities are bringing new security challenges. So, if you need any security support, Absolute Software is always ready to assist you.

Major Products of Absolute Software

Absolute Software is the ultimate management and security solutions to the different levels of users of electronic devices including laptop, desktop, smartphones and other portable devices. Protects your personal data, sensitive files and documents. Absolute Software offers various types of products to the users. Some of them are:

Absolute Computrace: Use the extreme encryption and secure the data of your computer, laptop and tablets using cloud based monitoring and track every single movement of your digital devices at any location and any position. Special Absolute persistence technology enables you to remotely control and manage your digital devices that are included into Absolute computrace network. All the devices are connected for all the time.

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Absolute Manage: All of the devices, no matter which types or which brands, that are owned by an organization can be managed and secured by Absolute manage. It provides endpoint security solutions to the digital devices. No need to establish different levels of securities or install costly security system, Absolute manage is a stand – alone program that will do everything that are required to ensure the maximum security.

Absolute Mobile Theft Management: This is a really useful service provided by Absolute mobile theft management program. It provides both Prevention and theft investigation service. You can register your devices on the Absolute device databank and once your device is stolen, the recovery team will start working for any trace and track your device.

Absolute Service: it makes a perfect combination among the process, workers and information to deliver the maximum service output. It monitors, analyses and inform the business about any potential chance or costly operations.

Absolute Lo-Jack: If your digital device is lost or stolen, Absolute lo-jack can help you in the recovery process and can keep your device data safe. It can track your device, encrypt it to prevent access and even it will let you to erase your sensitive files.

Absolute Software is a well-organized and effective security products providing company. Customer service available for any sort of trouble or any inquiry. You can request a sales call if you have any question regarding Absolute Software products.

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