Cookie Policy Details

A computer cookies is basically a small file which is stored in the user’s PC. It holds a decent amount of data which is specific to a website.

How Cookies are Stored

There are different types of ways by which a browser can store a data. Some of these cookies are stored with your permission. For example, sometimes we want to save our account log-in related data. These data are saved as browser cookies. A browser has to store some temporary cookies due to a better browsing experience of yours. These files automatically get deleted after closing the browser. Some cookies are stored for a longer period. These cookies are about the website you visited. And, it also stores some third-party cookies that are related to the links and ads that are shared on your visited sites.

Clear Browser Cookies

Cookies are not necessary in most of the cases. Instead, these files can store some private data that can cause some problems in the future. To avoid this situation, you should clean these files regularly. Browser cookies saved automatically on the drive where your browser is installed. Instead of going to that file, you can easily find out the clear browsing data option from a browser. If you clean everything, then every browsing session history, including cookies will be cleared. Similarly, only the browser cookies can also be deleted very easily. This facility is available in every popular browser, including, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, etc.

Based on the merchant’s instruction, some products count the first cookies stored on the computer. At this point, you might have clicked other affiliate links prior to us. In that case, it is required to clear browser cookies. This has to be done so that the sales credit is counted properly in favor of us.

If you need further instruction on this, please contact us.