ClickDesk Live Chat Review : Get the Exclusive Pricing

If you are looking for such live chat software which has some advanced features, then you have to be choosy. Before selecting any of those, the features and advantages should be considered very carefully. And of course, the pricing of that product should be affordable. Depending on all these considerations, I can recommend you the ClickDesk.


A Short Review of ClickDesk

ClickDesk is not just an ordinary live chat software. Plenty of additional features have made this product really powerful. Comparing with the features and quality, the price of this tool is not that high. Before talking much, let’s know some important information about this product.

Easy Setup & Customization

This is perhaps one of the most powerful live chat software which is very easy to install. In just 2 minutes, you will be able to integrate this with your website. You don’t have to have the coding experience to integrate or use this product. There are some software which does not support multiple themes. But the fact is the look of all the websites are not the same. That is why ClickDesk has several built in themes. You just have to choose the right one matching with your site. After purchasing this software, you don’t have to rely one other ticket management programs. You can use ClickDesk as help desk software with proper ticket management.

clickdesk review

Three Pricing Options

Though the team plans are available. First, I have mentioned the three main licenses of ClickDesk. With the basic features, Lite Plan has been offered for $16.99/month/agent. Pro Plan has come with the chat conferencing and video chat facilities. That is why the cost of this is little higher than the previous one. As per 17 November 2015, cost per month for this product is $21/agent. None of these two licenses supports unlimited domains, but the Enterprise Plan does. You have to pay only USD 67.99/month for this for each agent. Very advanced analytics facility is another good advantage of this license of ClickDesk. Among the group plans, the Growing Business Plan is the most popular which can be purchased by $106.99/month. This license is actually for 8 different chat operators. So it is perfect for the medium business websites.

Video & IM Support

To engage and attract more visitors, ClickDesk has the video chatting functionality. It will allow the visitors to video chat with the agents. In the chat widget, you can integrate the Facebook like button on the official page of your business. So while chatting, you will get more like to the social media page at the same time. This real time chat software has the capability to work in parallel with the Google Talk. That means ClickDesk will allow the agents to answer the questions of visitors using Google Talk. When they will not inform of chat panel, this feature will help them to engage the visitors.