Backupify Review : Get the Latest Pricing to Protect Data

There are various types of cloud backup solutions for storing several important data. Not only the personal files and data, you can also store the application data. For doing so, the Backupify can be recommended.

Review of the Backupify

This amazing solution will let you create the backups for all the Google Apps Data. It will allow you to find any kind of data with ease. And after finding, you can restore those instantly. Here you can also find the backup solutions for social media and other apps. Let’s see what is offered in these products:


Google Apps Backup

So many companies use various types of Google apps like the Google Mail, Contacts, and Contacts etc. If you delete any data of those apps accidentally, your entire business can be affected. So it is very important to create backups for those. In this case the Backupify will help you perfectly. It offers the proper backup solution for this purpose. This solution will work with all those Google apps. Advanced internal controls have made this very powerful product. It has very strong data encryption system and regular vulnerability management program. So you don’t have to test the vulnerability manually all the time. This Backupify product has the capability to track the deleted items very efficiently. It will also let you restore the app files of previous versions.

Backupify for Social Media

This one of the most needed product of this company. Nowadays, we all use Facebook and Twitter. These have become the parts of our life. That is why it is very important to save the data on these. Even most of the companies have their own social media accounts. Backupify has the capability to store each and every data of these accounts automatically. You don’t have to waste valuable time to back up your social media accounts. The data encryption and vulnerability checker tools of this will protect all the social media business pages.

backupify review

Pricing of These Solutions

The Backupify Google Apps backup solution has three different pricing plans. And all three of those are available for very impressive pricing. The Professional Plan of this product can be enjoyed by only USD 3 for each month. It is for storing the backups of the Google Apps once a month. For enjoying 3 backup session in every month, you can get the Enterprise edition. The monthly price of this one is only 4 USD per user. The domain license is also available for Backupify. That can be bought by 990 USD/month for each domain. The Social Media Backup solution is available with two licenses. Monthly cost of the Professional Plan is 99 USD and that of the Enterprise License is only 299 USD. The first one is for 10 social accounts and the Enterprise Plan is for 50 different accounts.