Authority Labs SEO Exclusive Review, Check the Cool Pricing

The SEO professionals use various types of software programs for their tasks and that is why they can complete the SEO campaigns very quickly. If you want to be one of them, then you should use such programs also.

You can also use the SEO tools for the search engine optimization of your personal websites. Checking the ranking data is a very important part of the SEO campaign. To do this important thing very easily and quickly you can use the Authority Labs SEO Software which has different pricing plans also.

Authority Labs SEO Software Overview

It is not necessary to target the whole world all the time. In many cases, you or your client may target specific countries or areas. Authority Labs has the Capability to find out the results based on any specific areas of the world. So you can track the data related to your website for any country. Even it can target the areas of different zip codes separately. One of the biggest advantages of this SEO software is its Now Provided reporting system. You may know that the targeting opportunities of the keywords are expanding day by day. The Now Provided reporting system of this software will let you detect those newly available opportunities very efficiently. This software also has the schedule reporting system for which you will see the monthly progress of your SEO campaign.

authority labs SEO

Competitor Tracking System

This is another effective feature of Authority Labs. One of the best ways to get good progress in SEO Campaign is to detect the competitors and find out their SEO strategy. This software will let you find out the competitors and also detect which keywords are used by those competitors. Then you will be able to use those keywords for the search engine optimization of your websites. It will help you to organize the keywords very easily. This product will track the ranking of your websites and provide those ranking reports with graphs.

authority labs SEO review

Available with Different Plans

As we said earlier that the Authority Labs has so various license types. One of those is the Plus Plan which is very much suitable for the small business websites. Its price is only $49 as of November 3, 2014 and it includes 250 keywords and 50 different domains. Another one is the Pro Plan which can be considered as the most popular plans of Authority Labs. With this package, you will be able to deal with one thousand different keywords and 100 domains. Its price is only $99 and you can choose this plan for your large business websites. Enterprise Plan can be chosen for the agencies and the price of it starts from $450. Using it, you can deal with 5 thousand keywords or more. Basic and Pro Plus are the other licenses of the Authority Labs.