AOMEI Technology Exclusive Pricing, Check Software Review

The computer system is an essential part to maintain all the needed tasks in our practical days. Without this, we can’t solve any single task. In fact; it is one of the best sectors to manage all the tasks in a simple manner.

In the computer system, we can use various types of programs. Among of these programs, hard drive management system and the backup procedure are very essential. To manage all the tasks in this category, AOMEI Technology is very supportive.

AOMEI Technology and the overview of this

It offers all the latest technologies to ensure some effective products in the partitioning case and backup solution. Through the products of AOMEI Technology, you can simply handle the task of hard drive management system and data restore procedure and the file conversion process.

AOMEI technology

The Available products offered by AOMEI Technology and their features

AOMEI Partition Assistant: For the Windows section, this is a perfect one solution by which any user can simply manage the hard disk partitioning task. It offers some professional level tools for managing these activities. In the category of partitioning case, you will observe the term of resize, move, merge, align, create, delete or the format task. Besides, the extension process of the C drive section can be handled through this. In some cases, the task of recovering the partition, bootable system can be managed through this program.

AOMEI Back upper: This easy to use solution ensures the way of restoring the lost data from any corresponding PC. Besides, it holds the functions to backup the needed data. Through this active solution, you can manage the term to back up the needed files, system file backup and the disk backup system. Here, the cloning system is also included. In the cloning sector, you will get the term of disk cloning, partition cloning and the system cloning. In the backup system, you can manage the activity of scheduling backup, differential backup, and incremental backup and so on.

NTFS to FAT32 Converter: In this category, AOMEI Technology offers the process of converting the file system. This conversion process is handled without losing the data. Besides, through this solution, you can assure the system file conversion process for the Windows section. Moreover, AOMEI Technology offers AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager, Disk type conversion software and other products with the available technologies.

AOMEI technology review

The pricing section under the product of AOMEI Technology

AOMEI Back upper can purchase with $49 for the Professional edition. For Server edition, you have to pay $159. The Professional edition of AOMEI Partition Assistant can purchase through $49. The server edition of this can buy through $160. The Unlimited edition of AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager can purchase through $415.