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Have you ever thought to manage the memberships and subscriptions without the help of any type of tool or plugin? Probably not, but you may face one problem that is lacking or reliable of membership management tool.

aMember is different and this tool only has the important features which are needed for powerful subscription and membership management. Let’s get ideas about the features of this product from our discussion below.

aMember Pro Membership Management Tool Overview

The membership system can use in different types of websites like the blogs and business websites. Important things about the aMember tool is it can easily install in all types of websites without any problem. For the unlimited number of memberships, this product can use very effectively. It will help you to keep the customers of your company as subscribed for longer time. One of the most important things for all types of websites, where the membership or subscription systems have been integrated, is the payment method integrations. aMember Pro has the capability to integrate so many payment methods to your site or subscription pages so that the customers can choose their favorite methods very easily to pay the money.

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Membership and Email Management

aMember is such membership management tool which will let you take control over all the memberships and subscriptions to your site. You just have to use the control panel to select which membership plans are needed to be modified. Which subscribers should be eliminated and which are needed to be added. Other features and specifications can also moderate from the control panel very easily. Automatic signup handling capability is one of the biggest advantages of the aMember. It can also automatically expire the login period.

You can consider the multi-language support of these tools as another big advantage. English, French, Chinese, etc. languages is supported by this subscription manger tool and that is why you can use it with the websites of different languages to deal with the people of different countries of the world. An important feature of a Member is it can help to send the emails to all the subscribers and only to the selected members.

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Other Features of This Product

This tool can work with the WordPress sites very easily and amazing thing is it supports all types of WordPress themes. By using member you will be able to manage the billing tasks in an easier way. If you want to make the subscribers or members of your website affiliates, then you will be doing that with aMember Pro. With the login or signup forms, different files and contents can be uploaded by this tool. However, its price is only $179.95, as of November 2, 2014, which is not very high.