AIO Wiki Poster Pricing, Check Review of WiKi Submitter

When you will target to increase the ranking of any site, you have to face huge competition. There are a huge number of websites for any type. That is why, you have to follow some effective ways for ensuring good ranking.

Many people love to use various wiki poster tools for posting the contents. By this manner, very good ranking can be achieved. But the thing is, most of the wiki posters are not of good class. Only a few of those are recommendable. The AIO Wiki Poster is one of those recommendable options.

AIO Wiki Poster Review

The AIO Wiki Poster can be considered all in one solution which is enough for handling ranking related tasks. That means, after purchasing this, you don’t have to work purchase any other tool for those tasks. And this one is capable of dealing with several wiki platforms. Some of those platforms are the DokuWiki, MoinMoin, Mediawiki and Twiki. Another huge advantage of this product is it can create an exact number of backlinks you need each day. All you need to import the article and choose the number of backlinks. The other tasks will be done by the AIO Wiki Poster. For doing this task, it will scrap the necessary wiki sites automatically. The powerful content management system of this tool will help you for doing the tasks more easily.

AIO Wiki Poster

Very Attractive Pricing

Though the AIO Wiki Poster is very advanced solutions, the pricing of this one is very much impressive. According to 26 April 2016, you just have to pay $57 USD for enjoying this product. I am saying this pricing is awesome for various reasons. One of those is this tool can work with multiple threads at the same time. Even you can run unlimited threads with this tool at a time. And similarly, the AIO Wiki Poster also has the multi-tasking facility. For an example, you may need to complete the registration tasks and the posting tasks. This tool will let you do those in parallel. That is why the time will be saved in a high rate.

AIO Wiki Poster review

Scheduling and Reporting

The AIO Wiki Poster has the scheduling facility for which it can work with more reliability and speed. It cannot be said that the software crash will never happen. But the interesting thing about this wiki poster is it can resume the tasks after restarting. All the backlinks will not show the equal performance. That is why this tool will allow you to check the performance of the backlinks. Very advanced CAPTCHA solver tool has been included in the AIO Wiki Poster. As mass wiki posting will be done, it will be very important tor randomize the usernames and passwords. This tool will do that perfectly.