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Release Notes - Sesame - Version 2.4.1 - HTML format


  • [SES-660] - Deprecated create table syntax on MySQL.
  • [SES-774] - GROUP BY with complex expression not evaluated correctly.
  • [SES-775] - Turtle media type "text/turtle" is unknown
  • [SES-776] - calling clear and importing a file without intervening commit() corrupts data
  • [SES-777] - Turtle parser does not initiate handleComment RDFHandler events
  • [SES-778] - Poor query performance on fresh repository improves after shutdown/re-init
  • [SES-786] - SUM() with GROUP BY on empty solution results in error
  • [SES-787] - IN operator fails on empty argument list
  • [SES-789] - Out of memory exception when counting triples
  • [SES-790] - DESCRIBE * fails with IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [SES-791] - ArbitraryLengthPath with lowerbound 0 fails when no zero-length match is found
  • [SES-792] - SPARQL parser constructs incorrect query model for some property paths involving alternatives
  • [SES-793] - SPARQL parser fails to introduce implicit grouping on some queries


  • [SES-785] - Include file paths in exceptions coming from the NativeStore's btree
  • [SES-788] - Let SUM operator silently ignore non-numeric arguments
  • [SES-794] - Let NtriplesWriter avoid unnecessary copying of large literal values

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